Guess what we did today? Yep more baseball. ITBL All Star day. Both Merrimac teams lost but this guy hit a double and a single and scored two runs.

The Twins ended their short playoff run tonight with a very close 4-3 loss. 25 games down and zero to go.

Only four more bus stop visits together for these guys and then it won’t happen again until Kaleb starts his sophomore year in high school.

After the exciting baseball game we jumped in the car and rushed to see David Gray in Boston. We made it to our seats 10 minutes before he came on stage. #cuttingitclose #amazingshow

Down 8-0 in the fifth this steal of home by Kaleb was the run that started the amazing rally by Merrimac to win their final game of the season, 10-9. #longseason

Both boys were starting pitcher for their teams tonight, unfortunately they gave up a total of 12 runs between the two of them. 21 games down and only 3 to go.

In 2019, it blows my mind that people don’t seem to quite understand how Reply All works. Nobody cares about your falconry comments.

Rainy night at the ball field. Tough extra inning loss. On the bright side they got a triple play and there was a double rainbow.

New England baseball means playing in sleet sometimes even in the middle of May. Two big wins! 14 down and only 10 to go