And 10 years after our first opening day we had our last one. So excited for one last season of baseball.

Finished reading: 1984 by George Orwell. I probably read this before but as per usual hadn’t really comprehended what was going on. Hopefully I did a better job this time. 📚

I went back up to Sunday River for the last time this season. It started out great and then it started to rain so I came home.

It was the last weekend for the Jordan Mountain Express at Sunday River this weekend. According to my records the lift debuted during the 1994-1995 ski season. It is being replaced next season by the Jordan 8. It looks like an interesting lift but I have many questions.

My annual physical was scheduled for tomorrow, but because my son has COVID I had to reschedule it. The earliest date I could get was April 2023. Oof

Back to the Office Again

Two years ago I went into the client’s office for the last time before the pandemic. I briefly returned to the office after receiving my second vaccination in June of 2021, but ended up back at home after a couple weeks. Today I went back into the office again and it was great. I was a little more distracted because there were other people around and it was much more annoying to have to get up and find a conference room for meetings, but the lunch sure was better. I won’t be back everyday because sometimes the amount of meetings don’t make it worth it but I expect to go in at least a few days a week.

Woke up to sub zero temperatures this morning. The river was steaming during my walk. After a FaceTime breakfast with my mom it was heads down for a long day of work. Closed out the day with a shower and a honey peel-off mask.