Vacation is over and now I have 691 photos and over 11GB of video to sift through. I think I need a vacation just to take care of it.

Drove over 12 hours only to find out that the beach in North Carolina is virtually the same as the one 15 minutes from home. Maybe it is a little warmer. #vacationmode

Amazing time at the Yankee Homecoming bed race last night. We finished in second place. #yankeehomecoming #bedrace @rocketinsights

Last at bat of the season for Camden. We wrapped up the River Rivals tournament with a 5-1 loss in the championship game. Only 278 days until opening day 🙄

The water doesn’t even go up to their waists, but they are still having fun and cooling off. #tinypools

Great night for baseball. Camden had a big hit with 2 out in the 4th and scored on the next play to win the game.