Last at bat of the season for Camden. We wrapped up the River Rivals tournament with a 5-1 loss in the championship game. Only 278 days until opening day 🙄

The water doesn’t even go up to their waists, but they are still having fun and cooling off. #tinypools

Great night for baseball. Camden had a big hit with 2 out in the 4th and scored on the next play to win the game.

Two observations after my first week at my new job. 1. Even though the language and technology is different I still recognize the layers and patterns. 2. Listening to tech podcasts has greatly increased my ability to take part in technical discussions/debates.

Guess what we did today? Yep more baseball. ITBL All Star day. Both Merrimac teams lost but this guy hit a double and a single and scored two runs.

The Twins ended their short playoff run tonight with a very close 4-3 loss. 25 games down and zero to go.

Only four more bus stop visits together for these guys and then it won’t happen again until Kaleb starts his sophomore year in high school.