Proud of Kaleb and his 10th place finish at the bouldering regionals. It is the first time he has advanced to the divisionals. Here is a great save from the second climb tonight.

Awesome ski day up at Sunday River. Started the day with a few inches of snow and it kept snowing for most of the day. We caught the third chair of the morning and wrapped up as the lifts were closing at 4.

Looking forward to a long week coming to an end tomorrow. Hoping I can wrap up the refactoring project I have been trying to work on all week. Happy to have squeezed in 30 minutes of yoga tonight 🧘

Still settling on that yearly theme, but definitely making progress with trying to do many little things in my spare time. This weekend included video editing, reading, iPad games, Fortnite, yoga, indoor drone flying and walks outdoors.

Covid Hospitalizations Jump 40% in one week

Covid Hospitalizations Jump 40% in one week

The Department of Public Health’s latest daily report published Thursday listed 2,524 COVID-19 patients in Bay State hospitals.

That marks a single-day increase of 98 and a nearly 40 percent jump over the tally from just one week ago.

Not surprised since the 7-day average of cases between 12/23 and 12/30 jumped by around 60%. Focusing on the number of cases can be deceiving, but looking at the rate of change for cases might show the future trend for hospitalizations and deaths.

Slowly sorting out my theme for the year and I think part of it will involve introducing things back into my life that make me happy. Took a first step with that last night by dusting of my yoga mat and taking an Apple Fitness+ class. The hardest part was quieting my brain.

MA Road Deaths

MA Road Deaths Higher

The number of people who died on Massachusetts roads last year climbed to 390, the Massachusetts Highway Safety division announced Monday, 63 more than last year and the most in a single year dating to 2009.

No shocker here since a lot of people don’t seem to care about rules or others these days.

Winter Vacation

I didn’t accomplish all of the things on my to-do list over the holiday vacation, but managed to check off a few things. During the entire week I read the Star Wars book, The Rising Storm a few times. I watched a few episodes of Ted Lasso and also saw the first episode of the new Book of Boba Fett series. While I didn’t do any crosswords on my iPad, I did try out the Apple Arcade version of Alto’s Odyssey. Today I upgraded my web server with the latest version of Ubuntu. Finally, I moved away from Instagram and will be posting only to moving forward.

I still have to record an episode of the Kilobyte podcast, which will hopefully happen this week.