2019-11-09: My long commute back from work today.

2019-11-02: The good and the bad of witches

2019-10-24: Autumn cityscape

2019-10-22: Autumn Market Square

2019-10-18: Found this guy in the storm debris yesterday

2019-10-13: Shout out to Epic games and their suspense building server upgrade process for Fortnite. The most …

2019-10-05: First meet of the season for Kaleb and he did really well placing 9th out of 20 in his division. …

2019-10-04: A delicious Cubano Latte is perfect for this chilly autumn New England day. #coffee #latte

2019-09-23: Bee-have baby

2019-09-21: Nice hike up Oh-skee-oh-LAH #whitemountains #4000footers

2019-09-15: My hiking partner finished his 2nd and 3rd 4000 footer today. #mtflume #mtliberty

2019-09-14: Apple time! Nice to have the orchard to ourselves.

2019-09-09: Apple Glasses Explained Not sure if the new Apple “Cardboard” AR headset is going to be well …

2019-09-08: My first DeptFestival and Weekender came to an end today. It was an amazing experience. It was great …

2019-09-08: Bicycle adventures in Holland #latergram

2019-09-07: Good morning from Holland

2019-09-06: In da club. You know you are getting old when the confetti cannon startles you every time. …

2019-09-06: Beautiful day in Amsterdam

2019-09-04: After a slight delay I am on my flight to Amsterdam. #deptfest

2019-09-04: By Innovation Only, We'll See The “By Innovation Only” tag line from the recent Apple event invite, seems like a bold …

2019-09-02: Nice morning outside and away from the house. Perfect way to wind down the summer. Breakfast by the …

2019-09-01: It has been an exhausting weekend so far and we have barely left the house. Hoping to venture out …

2019-08-31: Just peachy. #buttemoji

2019-08-29: SUP headstand. #yoga #coreworkout #pondlife

2019-08-18: Vacation is over and now I have 691 photos and over 11GB of video to sift through. I think I need a …

2019-08-17: Lighthouse stairs

2019-08-15: Ocean rainbow. #stillhumid #countdowntohome

2019-08-15: Morning waves

2019-08-15: Sand turtle

2019-08-12: Giant starfish from above #obx

2019-08-11: Catching waves

2019-08-10: Drove over 12 hours only to find out that the beach in North Carolina is virtually the same as the …

2019-08-04: Finished his first paid mowing gig.

2019-08-03: Here comes the sun

2019-08-02: Amazing time at the Yankee Homecoming bed race last night. We finished in second place. …

2019-07-31: Rain on the horizon

2019-07-30: Finished all the Fortnite season 9 challenges. Bring on Season X. #fortnite #fortniteseasonx

2019-07-20: Beautiful butterfly

2019-07-16: Last at bat of the season for Camden. We wrapped up the River Rivals tournament with a 5-1 loss in …

2019-07-14: So proud of this guy and how he stuck with baseball over the last 8 years.

2019-07-13: Kalebs last career at bat for Merrimac baseball. #e4

2019-07-13: The water doesn’t even go up to their waists, but they are still having fun and cooling off. …

2019-07-12: Pizza Chain Offers Just Crust The crust is not the best part of the pizza. I look forward to the …

2019-07-07: Great night for baseball. Camden had a big hit with 2 out in the 4th and scored on the next play to …

2019-07-06: Delightful afternoon with @jriebesands

2019-07-05: Summer evening

2019-07-02: Friends face off. Gavin vs. Kaleb. #thecubeithonpodcast

2019-07-02: Summer baseball

2019-06-30: Rocket scientist 🚀

2019-06-28: Two observations after my first week at my new job. 1. Even though the language and technology is …

2019-06-24: First day at the new office. #newbeginnings

2019-06-23: Busy weekend complete. #agawamtrip #beachyoga #baseball

2019-06-21: Finishing up my 8 years at Loftware today. #bittersweet #newjob 🚀

2019-06-15: Guess what we did today? Yep more baseball. ITBL All Star day. Both Merrimac teams lost but this guy …

2019-06-14: Another great come from behind win for the majors team tonight in the All Star tournament play-in …

2019-06-13: Last day of school

2019-06-11: Here we go again! New scorebooks for the tournament season. ⚾️

2019-06-10: Creepy crawly #macrophotography #shotoniphone

2019-06-08: Waggle in flight. #lastsoccergame

2019-06-07: The Twins ended their short playoff run tonight with a very close 4-3 loss. 25 games down and zero …

2019-06-07: Only four more bus stop visits together for these guys and then it won’t happen again until Kaleb …

2019-06-04: Last regular season game. 24 games down and a least one playoff game to go.

2019-06-03: Good morning! Tim Cook Keynote Good Morning Montage #wwdc

2019-06-02: After the exciting baseball game we jumped in the car and rushed to see David Gray in Boston. We …

2019-06-01: Down 8-0 in the fifth this steal of home by Kaleb was the run that started the amazing rally by …

2019-06-01: Sneaky spider in the grass 🕷 🕷

2019-05-30: Both boys were starting pitcher for their teams tonight, unfortunately they gave up a total of 12 …

2019-05-30: Harbor

2019-05-29: In 2019, it blows my mind that people don’t seem to quite understand how Reply All works. Nobody …

2019-05-28: Rope swing fun

2019-05-26: I just wanna fly

2019-05-25: Flags on the common

2019-05-19: Finished his first sport climbing season by placing 21st at regionals.

2019-05-18: Cam had another big night at the plate going 3-3 and scoring 2 runs. 17 games down and only 7 to go.

2019-05-16: Rainy night at the ball field. Tough extra inning loss. On the bright side they got a triple play …

2019-05-13: New England baseball means playing in sleet sometimes even in the middle of May. Two big wins! 14 …

2019-05-11: 8pm baseball. 12 games down, 12 games to go.

2019-05-11: 8am soccer

2019-05-10: First of all who knew there was a helium shortage and second that Party City was so dependent on …

2019-05-09: On deck circle during the big win tonight. 11 games down and 13 to go.

2019-05-08: Spring is springing

2019-05-05: Playing a video game that isn’t Fortnite

2019-05-04: Cam had another great day at the plate in a 19-0 win. Eight games down only sixteen to go.

2019-04-29: Cam had two hits tonight, surpassing his total from last year. He also pitched himself out of two …

2019-04-27: Kaleb finally started the season after 2 rain outs. 3 down only 21 to go.

2019-04-25: The season is finally underway. 1 down and only 23 to go.

2019-04-22: A little Wiffle ball practice on the eve of the new baseball season.

2019-04-21: Bunny cake. Thanks Auntie Babe!

2019-04-20: Most people probably don’t dye eggs anymore, but we are continuing the tradition.

2019-04-17: Spring has sprung

2019-04-17: The PayPal app for iPhone weighs in at 228MB. How can that be?

2019-04-12: In honor of Yuri Gargarin’s trip in 1961 and the beginning of the human space flight era here is …

2019-04-11: TIL If you use the Find iPhone app to Play Sound on a device it does the sonar like ping sound and …

2019-04-06: Second competition of the season

2019-03-30: Stay behind mom game. #lastfamilyskiday

2019-03-28: The new iMovie update includes this interesting release note about cleaning up media types that …

2019-03-26: Cam unboxed his first Apple product purchased with his own money.

2019-03-23: First competiton of the new season. #longwayup

2019-03-22: My desk back in July of 2006 at State Street. It was soon after I switched away from a giant CRT …

2019-03-19: I wouldn’t mind the switch over to Gmail if they just added swipe support for snoozing from the …

2019-03-16: More skiing

2019-03-10: I wanted to play some music on my Mac, so I did a Spotlight search for Apple Music and it quickly …

2019-03-10: Winter at the beach

2019-03-09: Chilly beach day

2019-03-06: Tried out the new Iced Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato. #starbucks #cloudmacchiato

2019-03-04: Wet snow

2019-03-03: Twin tip rooster tail #nofilter #happyplacefound #excalibur #rackthoseskis

2019-03-02: Siri currently pronounces the word ‘age’ as ‘augee’ at least when talking about music. Try it …

2019-03-02: Sunday River Express aka Lift 1

2019-02-26: I would like to see the next iPad and iPad Mini do the same screen changes as the iPads Pro did last …

2019-02-26: What do you see? #latteart

2019-02-24: Big surf down at Salisbury beach

2019-02-23: Reward for a successful car loading!

2019-02-21: Even more snow! #happyplacefound #rackthoseskis

2019-02-20: Beautiful morning at Jordan. No skis left on the snow here. #happyplacefound #rackthoseskis

2019-02-18: Beautiful sunny end to this snowy day. #nofilter #happyplacefound #rackthoseskis

2019-02-17: Awesome day of skiing with this guy yesterday and celebrating his 12th birthday today.

2019-02-16: Amazing day of skiing today. #happyplacefound

2019-02-05: Throwback to the first Patriots victory parade in 2002. Brady was waving to the other side in this …

2019-02-02: Riding to the sun

2019-01-29: Powder day from a couple weeks ago. #happyplacefound

2019-01-28: Video: Powder Day 2019 Quick video from last weekend’s powder day at Sunday River, Maine.

2019-01-27: Downtown Portland Maine. #latergram #weekendgetaway

2019-01-27: I sat out this small plate of a duck egg and leeks. #idontlikeeggs

2019-01-25: Old meets new. #appleII #macbook

2019-01-21: Could you turn the lights down? #catsofinstagram

2019-01-20: Fresh tracks #hardball #whitecap #happyplacefound

2019-01-17: I shut off this toggle at least once a week and it frustrates me every time it reappears.

2019-01-15: Who would have predicted that on the year of the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon, 95% of …

2019-01-14: Icy falls #shotoniphonexs

2019-01-12: Icy Merrimack River

2019-01-11: Skype and Teams should communicate and make their sidebars match. So close.

2019-01-09: Go check out the latest episode of my podcast Kilobyte 29: This is not a Test. Topics include using …

2019-01-08: Early morning snow

2019-01-07: Ready for the season premiere of The Bachelor. #bachelornation🌹

2019-01-06: A passing snow shower on a sunny day.

2019-01-03: Snowy morning

2019-01-01: Are those small pebbles or small boulders? New Year’s eve day drone flight over North Beach Hampton. …

2018-12-31: Great blue

2018-12-29: Late morning moon

2018-12-25: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! #bringonboxingday

2018-12-19: Our bus stop friend. Can you spot it? #woodpecker

2018-12-13: Scoreboard electricity trench

2018-12-09: We got a new waffle maker and it makes amazing waffles

2018-12-04: Chilly afternoon at the mouth of the Merrimack #beachpizza #river

2018-12-04: Afternoon cup of joe

2018-12-02: Wrapping up his first time down Agony #doublediamond #bestdecember #happyplacefound

2018-12-01: First ski day of the season

2018-11-30: The TouchBar is super cool when you are using Dark Mode at night, because the black parts are …

2018-11-29: Giant cat attacks village #newsat11

2018-11-26: Christmas joy in three photos @jriebesands #ChristmasTree #christmastreetopper

2018-11-23: Waterfall #livephoto

2018-11-23: Covered bridge

2018-11-22: My bride and her crown of ice. @jriebesands

2018-11-20: I love software development because every once in a while you get to test new technologies and flex …

2018-11-18: New sticker day

2018-11-15: Not quite sure how, but I snapped this cool picture of the snow.

2018-11-14: The new iPad Pro is such an interesting device and has much more power than it needs. I can’t …

2018-11-10: Dark horse competition

2018-11-09: New lunch place. (Note: the sushi came with the meal and I didn’t eat it)

2018-11-09: Just dew it

2018-11-06: Voted!

2018-11-04: Nice end to the weekend.

2018-11-02: Damp Friday night under the lights game.

2018-10-31: Happy Halloween! #link #fortnitebush #steampunkbotanist #trex

2018-10-31: My 2018 costume is a bush from Fortnite. If you don’t know what it is then ask your kids. #fortnite …

2018-10-28: The HomePod could leap frog the other canisters in the area of timers if they offered a x to y …

2018-10-27: I spy Kaleb on his highest point route of the day

2018-10-23: Fun at Mac a Donald’s

2018-10-21: Our Halloween decorations are now complete. #blackcat

2018-10-20: Nice hike

2018-10-16: Look at the feet. #busstopshenanigans

2018-10-15: Sun rising on another week

2018-10-13: Rainy day on the pitch. #spoileralert #welostbig

2018-10-11: More leafs

2018-10-08: Mountain train foliage from the side this time. #drone #foliage #autumninnewengland

2018-10-07: Beautiful foliage up in Maine this weekend #drone #foliage #autumninnewengland

2018-10-06: Finally got to fly through the chairlift.

2018-10-06: First climbing meet since joining the team.

2018-10-05: Fall flowers #nofilter #shotoniphone

2018-10-05: Every time I fill up my car I log it in an app. The hardest part about this is remembering the …

2018-10-05: My favorite new restaurant. #tacofriday

2018-10-04: This tree is always the first one to turn.

2018-10-03: Windmill at night #shotoniphone #iphonexs

2018-10-02: Pre bus stop find #caterpillar

2018-09-30: Unbelievable that the Tampa Bay Rays won 90 games this year and still finished 7 games behind the #2 …

2018-09-25: It has been a week since iOS 12 and things are going great. The Screen Time features shows that I …

2018-09-25: Now that we live in the age of 512GB iPhones that support iCloud backup maybe we can get the same …

2018-09-24: I can’t stop watching this YouTube channel showing the different progressions of video game …

2018-09-23: Quick drone flight At Pawtuckaway

2018-09-23: I was delighted to find the Control Center icons in watchOS 5 can be moved around by tapping the new …

2018-09-22: I am okay with Google sunsetting Inbox for Gmail as long as they make it easier to snooze a message. …

2018-09-19: Can you bee-lieve it

2018-09-14: A glimpse of the coastal fog #drone

2018-09-14: I liked all of the announcements from Apple the other day. I will be upgrading my iPhone 6S to the …

2018-09-13: Weeds

2018-09-07: Work MacBook Pro update: Tried to restore to the version of macOS that shipped with it and while …

2018-09-06: A few years ago I volunteered to create a website for my softball league and it has been a great …

2018-09-04: Work MacBook Pro Update: Kernel panicked three times this morning. I struggled to get a clean …

2018-09-03: Cooling down on the last day of summer!

2018-09-03: Work MacBook Pro Update: After failed attempts to reinstall macOS High Sierra, I was able to run a …

2018-09-02: Waiting for burgers 🍔

2018-09-01: My left AirPod was running at about 25% volume, so I figured I would have to get a new one, but a …

2018-08-30: Excited about the September Apple Events because: - I am getting a new iPhone this year - The idea …

2018-08-29: Max’s medical mishap story to start Do By Friday 93: Pig Weed is podcast gold!

2018-08-27: I was sitting in on a demo today of Feature A and all of a sudden it devolved into a review of my …

2018-08-27: Red Delicious Dethroned It’s about time the red delicious is my least favorite variety of apple. My …

2018-08-26: Late summer days #readyforschooltostart

2018-08-25: Beach day with west coast cousins

2018-08-25: Apparently it is apple picking season. 🍏#gingergold

2018-08-23: Sunset on the Merrimack River

2018-08-22: Accidental BoCaNO!

2018-08-22: The rain beat me to Boston, but I was so close

2018-08-22: For 7 years I tried to convince my boss to let me use a Mac, that day finally came this year. Fast …

2018-08-21: Brief lunch break

2018-08-20: Visiting the Public Garden with my mum.

2018-08-19: Another weekend of camping is complete! The rain on Friday night and Saturday evening made it a …

2018-08-19: Time to pack up.

2018-08-18: Blue skies smilin’ at me

2018-08-18: Campground view #muggy #rainforestinnh

2018-08-18: Camping update: 🚘⛺️👩‍👦‍👦⛺️🙍‍♂️🌧⛈😴🌧🌧⛈😳🌧🌧😴🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧😐 🚫🔥🚫☕️😒

2018-08-17: MacBook Pro PSA - If you use the Touch Bar screenshot controls and change the destination of a …

2018-08-17: A wasp sting is not the way I wanted to start this Friday morning. 🐝 #nowaspemoji #sorrybees

2018-08-11: Video: First video from my vacation to Canada. FVP Cliff Diving the Bay of Fundy

2018-08-07: Cooking up some fun! #hotsummerdays

2018-08-06: Another family vacation in the books. Who would have thought vacation would be so exhausting? …

2018-08-06: Beginning the long trip home.

2018-08-05: Played Mario 64 with this giant N64 controller today at the Halifax, Nova Scotia Discovery Centre. …

2018-08-04: Buskers festival in Halifax @incendiamotus

2018-08-03: Fun at the fortress

2018-08-03: OG FPV goggle @mrsteelefpv @ethixltd #fpv #drone #fatsharkgoggles

2018-08-02: The coolest thing I have done so far flying a drone. #cliffdive #fpv #alien #ethixltd #quadcopter …

2018-08-02: More boring pictures of the amazing Cape Breton coastline.

2018-08-02: Fun

2018-08-02: Vacation is always an interesting time for my iCloud Photo library as it deals with photos being …

2018-08-02: Sunrise on Cape Breton Island

2018-07-31: I have had the 13” 2018 MacBook Pro for a week and it has been amazing. I am constantly …

2018-07-30: Finally reached our vacation destination. #capebretonisland #timeforsleep #drivedrivedrive

2018-07-30: Vacation!

2018-07-29: Too chicken to fly the Phantom out there

2018-07-29: Seemed peaceful until Cam hung his feet over the end and was stung about six times by some yellow …

2018-07-28: Colorful beach rocks

2018-07-27: Unintentionally wore my new Hypercritical shirt for the first time on the day I am finishing the …

2018-07-25: The iPhone X Unleash Ad and its reference to the Bionic chip makes me think the iPhone X going …

2018-07-25: Missing those snowy days. #latergram #wontbelongnow

2018-07-23: Replacing my 2011 13” MacBook Pro with the new 2018 version. Unbelievable how much smaller they were …

2018-07-23: Dinner time. #blueapron

2018-07-22: Found a break in the rain to empty out my last two batteries.#drone #fpv #impulsercalien #fatshark …

2018-07-21: Beautiful evening at the beach #drone #djispark #nofilter

2018-07-21: Beach time! #localsgolate

2018-07-20: 🌭 race. #scseadogs

2018-07-20: Nerf battlefield the day after.

2018-07-18: Annual company lobster bake. Of course we am having chicken.

2018-07-14: Gimme s’more

2018-07-12: The pregame ceremonies for the World Cup Final needs to include at least a few of the rescued Thai …

2018-07-12: Another baseball season in the books! 3 teams 32 games 6 wins 1 tie 25 losses 440 runs recorded …

2018-07-10: One more from last night. The distribution of game balls!

2018-07-09: Camden had his last game of the year tonight and it was his best one to date. He had a couple put …

2018-07-09: Latte art by me this time

2018-07-07: Belated 12th wedding or early 14th first date anniversary tapas dinner. #patatasbravas

2018-07-07: Morning baseball, early afternoon car shopping and now some amazing coffee. #justanothersaturday

2018-07-06: Almost to the top!

2018-07-04: Independence Day freestyle

2018-07-02: 12th wedding anniversary today! Happy anniversary @jriebesands !

2018-07-01: Beautiful day for a trip out to the Isles of Shoals.

2018-07-01: Video: Finished editing the video from our recent trip down the Agawam river. Paddling down the …

2018-06-30: Saturday night fun fixing the screen on Kaleb’s iPhone! He dropped it the day after getting his …

2018-06-30: The boys were back at it again, but this time the roles were reversed. #fullcount #struckhimout

2018-06-29: Fluffy clouds

2018-06-27: Old friends facing off for the first time on the diamond. @elizabeth.yoder

2018-06-27: 5th grade class day in the books. Two more days of school to go!

2018-06-26: I want to thank the A-cat-emy!

2018-06-25: Two of my favorites together for the first time!

2018-06-24: Late afternoon iced caramel macchiato

2018-06-24: So I ran the Jamaco River Run 5K today. It took me about 26 morning minutes.

2018-06-23: Camden on the mound today for the Scrappers. 1 IP 3K 1BB 1R

2018-06-22: Mega ice cream sandwich

2018-06-22: I am not a World Cup person, but after watching Iceland get the draw against Argentina last week I …

2018-06-22: Bonkers thought: What if Apple is anti-touch screen on the Mac not because of ergonomics, but …

2018-06-20: Now it is my turn to play ball, softball that is.

2018-06-19: First espresso with the new machine!! #latte #breville #espresso

2018-06-18: Storm incoming ⛈⚡️💨

2018-06-17: A lady at SuperCuts is sitting in the waiting area playing music on her phone pretty loudly. I am …

2018-06-17: Started Father’s day in the yoga studio. First Sunday morning class in a while. @mysuraci always …

2018-06-16: It’s been an exhausting 24 hours for this guy. #bucklefracture

2018-06-16: Sitting in the shade sipping on San Pellegrino

2018-06-15: Camden was a last minute addition to the all star team. He didn’t want to do it, but they needed one …

2018-06-15: Freshly paved road

2018-06-15: Paving and package update: UPS delivery person walked down the closed street to deliver the package. …

2018-06-15: Excited about our street being paved, but wishing the road wasn’t closed on a day when I need to …

2018-06-15: My 2012 Mac Mini attempted the 10.13.5 upgrade, but ended up in some limbo state where it was stuck …

2018-06-12: UIKit for the Mac is exciting and leaves a lot to be unpacked. Will these apps appear differently in …

2018-06-11: End of the season scrimmage between the minors teams. #baseball #drone #djispark

2018-06-10: I can do nature photography too @jriebesands #noolloclipnecessary #pollen #pond

2018-06-09: Lunch break on the Agawam #kayak #djispark

2018-06-09: These coffees are 🍌 #espresso #latte

2018-06-08: Outdoor lunch

2018-06-05: I really enjoyed the Apple WWDC event yesterday. The new Shortcuts app is interesting and I am …

2018-06-04: Time to order my Apple event lunch. It is the only time I order from Domino’s. #wwdc2018

2018-06-02: Getting the field ready for Camden’s last game of the season. #gameday

2018-06-02: Touch a boat event. I went on the Erica Lee for the first time since the 1980’s. #boatcamp

2018-06-01: Last game of the season for KB. He learned a lot in his first year at the majors level.

2018-06-01: More video from yesterday’s amazing New England weather. #drone #djispark

2018-05-31: Fun bike ride with Kaleb today! #drone #djispark

2018-05-31: Feeding chickadees by hand. #latergram

2018-05-30: A little whiffle ball catch after dinner.

2018-05-28: Last week of baseball. 5 games in 6 days and we out!

2018-05-28: After a few weeks of finding time in the cracks I finally got my new work MacBook configured so I …

2018-05-26: Starting the holiday weekend off right!

2018-05-24: Camden pitched for the first time tonight. The batter hit it right back to the mound he scooped it …

2018-05-18: Kaleb’s first hit of the season.

2018-05-17: Mother’s day science photography. Check out @jriebesands for the results of this fern photograph.

2018-05-16: The news of Twitter’s new API changes dovetailed perfectly with my lunchtime listening of …

2018-05-16: The Google Dup(e)lex restaurant reservation demo would have been even more impressive if it …

2018-05-16: Network download speed test results: Work WiFi 2.04 Mbps AT&T Cellular 37.8 Mbps

2018-05-10: Camden’s turn tonight

2018-05-10: I have already wasted an hour trying to fix my Oracle instance after it stopped working for no …

2018-05-10: Kaleb was back on the mound again. 6 games down 6 to go #latergram

2018-05-08: Found this moth in the back room

2018-05-08: I think I am too honest to succeed as a coach in youth sports.

2018-05-04: It took a little over two months of hard work and some tears, but he saved Hyrule from Gannon! …

2018-05-02: Safety flare drills at the park today while I was eating lunch. #springishere

2018-04-29: Video: Back out flying with Alien and practiced my freestyle in an open space

2018-04-29: Finally took the Alien out to a wide open field and it was amazing. #drone #quadcopter #teamfailsafe

2018-04-25: After a long winter I am finally finding time to learn how to fly the Alien. #drone #fpv #quadcopter …

2018-04-25: New video coming in hot. The winter is over and I am finally learning to fly the Alien

2018-04-24: That size difference though

2018-04-22: I blame the crooked lines on my being rusty and the chalk line maker thing is new.

2018-04-22: Kaleb back on the mound for a new season. #struckouttheside

2018-04-19: I hope the Workflow app guys at Apple are working on something like Alexa Blueprints for Siri and …

2018-04-16: Behind the scenes with my wildlife photographer wife. #gettheshot #mushrooms

2018-04-16: Post rain walk #flowers

2018-04-15: Reflecting pool

2018-04-11: Time to get back in the sky. #impulserc #drone #quadcopter

2018-04-07: Glad I have those long selfie arms. #lastskiweekend #hailhailthegangsallhere

2018-04-06: Daily eye opener for my bride #espresso #latte #dailydose

2018-04-05: Almost six hours later and the Red Sox won in 12 innings. #walkoffwin

2018-04-05: ‘Murica #openingday

2018-04-05: Opening day with my mum! #redsox #mlb

2018-04-01: Family Easter egg hunt!!

2018-03-31: Skied more vertical feet today than Mount Everest! #canisleepnow

2018-03-31: Solo day trip #springskiing

2018-03-30: Making thunder. #topsecretscience

2018-03-27: Arthur L Bartlett Jr bridge in all its glory. #latergram

2018-03-24: After much more jumping over hurdles than expected I have successfully migrated my softball project …

2018-03-24: Pawsitevely relaxing!

2018-03-24: Maple syrup time. #maplesyrupfestival

2018-03-23: Making code changes to somebody else’s code less than 30 minutes prior to a demo is both …

2018-03-21: Apple announced New Apple Watch Bands for spring, so maybe they have something big to show at the …

2018-03-21: Hooray for my new favorite coffee in Portsmouth. #capuccino Thanks for the tip @mysuraci

2018-03-18: Swan latte art in my cortado #latteart #coffee #espresso #swan #myamesbury #barista

2018-03-15: Spare selfie! 🎳 #selfie #bowling

2018-03-14: Lots o’ snow on this Pi day #drone #djispark #noreaster #snow

2018-03-13: 12 hours later

2018-03-13: 12 hours later

2018-03-13: The Waggle in its natural habitat eating snow. #littlepanda

2018-03-13: The Waggle in its natural habitat eating snow. #littlepanda

2018-03-13: Only about 16 more hours of snowing to go. #noreaster2018 #workingfromhome

2018-03-13: Only about 16 more hours of snowing to go. #noreaster2018 #workingfromhome

2018-03-11: Another great day on the mountain.

2018-03-11: Another great day on the mountain.

2018-03-10: Windy ski day!! #happyplacefound

2018-03-10: Windy ski day!! #happyplacefound

2018-03-09: The calm after the storm #drone #quadcopter #snowstorm #noreaster




2018-03-09: Power outage day two is starting out much better than day one. #espresso

2018-03-09: Power outage day two is starting out much better than day one. #espresso

2018-03-08: After my second wake up call at 5am to empty the water out of the basement. Our generator wouldn’t …

2018-03-07: Exciting news at work today as Loftware Acquires Gap Systems

2018-03-05: Video: March 2018 nor’easter drone footage of Salisbury beach surf.

2018-03-04: Mouth of the Merrimack after the storm #noreaster #drone #beach #erosion

2018-03-04: Salisbury beach a couple hours after high tide. #noreaster #drone #foamy #waves #roughseas

2018-03-04: The flagship of my fleet is back in action just in time for spring!!! 🚁 #impulsealien5 #drone …

2018-02-28: The moon is getting mobile phone service meanwhile I can’t get service from AT&T at my …

2018-02-23: Apparently the whole Android upgrades not rolling out to all the different manufacturers in a timely …

2018-02-23: Just enough snow to coat all the things.

2018-02-22: Geeking out with my new Raspberry Pi that will be a dedicated server for some HomeKit …

2018-02-21: Beautiful spring teaser today. #springinfebruary

2018-02-20: iOS Tip: If doing an iCloud backup restore you can get some idea about the progress of it by going …

2018-02-19: Micro Monday: @becky an independent iOS developer with posts about designing and releasing the app …

2018-02-18: Snow day fun

2018-02-18: Weird HomePod-dity this morning. If I asked for a song in my library it would say it was playing but …

2018-02-18: Fresh batch of snow

2018-02-17: Raging river

2018-02-17: I often wonder what the Workflows team is up to at Apple. Potential feature ideas: iOS on device …

2018-02-16: Mi first Bánh mì was very good. #vietnamesecrustybread

2018-02-15: If Apple adds cursor support to iOS to create an iBook it would certainly make running iOS apps on a …

2018-02-14: HomePod lets you shut off explicit music, something the Echo can’t do. It seems like an important …

2018-02-12: Successfully connected my Nest gear via HomeKit on my second try thanks to this great article. The …

2018-02-12: The plans sound similar to how Windows 10 is released now with a nice batch of new features every …

2018-02-11: HomePod first impressions: 1. It sounds great to me. 2. Siri had trouble finding some of my music 3. …

2018-02-11: My ski buddies

2018-02-10: Powder in the trees #skiing #happyplacefound #powderday #yetiville

2018-02-09: New Apple product in the house! #homepod

2018-02-05: Sitting down and doing some planning for new episodes of the Kilobyte podcast. I want to shorten it …

2018-02-04: The simple task of upgrading my Mac Mini to use a new 4TB drive for back up has resulted in an all …

2018-02-02: Merrimack River ice from a drone.

2018-02-02: Video: Merrimack River ice from a drone The January thaw gave me a small window to fly over the …

2018-02-02: Is it just me or is the “Buy” button for iPhones on Apple.com broken?

2018-01-31: The side effect of my 2018 yoga challenge is getting this achievement for the first time. 25 total …

2018-01-30: This Amazon Otoscope product page with one image of the product and the rest of the images are …

2018-01-29: Trying a turmeric latte. It’s hip ya know!

2018-01-28: Testing out the auto flight mode on the Spark #drone #dji #spark #dronie

2018-01-28: Winter thaw walk

2018-01-28: Winter thaw walk

2018-01-27: Mission Impossible: Put the two reindeer back in the very small box.

2018-01-27: Mission Impossible: Put the two reindeer back in the very small box.

2018-01-26: Quick video shot on the Spark

2018-01-26: Shadows and reflections on the office floor

2018-01-26: The HomePod has been ordered. I know first generation Apple stuff can be a little rough around the …

2018-01-26: Shadows and reflections on the office floor

2018-01-24: The Apple Workouts app on the Watch should also include actual work things like shoveling, raking, …

2018-01-23: More ice pictures, but these aren’t from a drone. #windshield #icescraper

2018-01-23: DJI’s Mavic Air presentation takes a lot from the Apple keynote playbook and does a great job. …

2018-01-23: The Apple HomePod goes on sale Friday and is going to be the first of many new Apple products I end …

2018-01-23: More ice pictures, but these aren’t from a drone. #windshield #icescraper

2018-01-21: Took advantage of this warm winter day (in the 40’s) to fly not one, not two, but three …

2018-01-21: Ice in the middle of the river #drone #phantom4 #merrimackriver #massachusetts

2018-01-21: Amazing river ice today on the Merrimack River. #drone #massachsetts #phantom4

2018-01-20: And so it begins…. #baseball #winterclinics #sixmonthstogo

2018-01-18: Sunny and snowy morning on the Merrimack

2018-01-17: Beaver pond before the storm

2018-01-15: I started the month will 12 straight days of yoga and just missed three in a row because of …

2018-01-15: Brrrr

2018-01-14: Kilobyte 27: Turn the Fire On I talk about a new year challenge/resolution. 律

2018-01-14: Cold day in the mountains

2018-01-14: Awards night dance floor shot. #latergram

2018-01-10: Lunch date with a tall blonde today. #starbucks #blondeespresso

2018-01-09: Gruber’s response to this perfectly captures how I feel regarding the recent letter to Apple …

2018-01-08: When it’s been below freezing for 2 weeks you go indoors for activities.

2018-01-07: Starting 2018 off right. To ring in 2018, I earned this award by closing all three rings for seven …

2018-01-07: Water

2018-01-07: It seems that we have hit the bottom of this cold wave at -5. By Friday morning it is supposed to be …

2018-01-05: Tasty hot dog with potatoes, cheese and spicy ketchup for lunch today. #coffeetoo

2018-01-01: You know it has been cold for a while when the temperature drops below zero and nobody posts a photo …

2018-01-01: Frozen Merrimack river, I wonder if I can make it across. #itsreallycold #skatinganyone

2018-01-01: Apple Watch has fireworks on first wrist raise of 2018! #hello2018

2017-12-31: Hap-porg new year!!

2017-12-31: Crash compilation video from 2017 #drone #fpv #quadcopter #crash #bestof2017

2017-12-29: Video: 2017 Drone Crash Compilation. 17 crashes from 2017!

2017-12-26: White Christmas in Merrimacport #latergram #drone #phantom4

2017-12-25: Added another drone to my hangar. #dji #spark #drone #whitechristmas #merrychristmas

2017-12-25: LEGO time! #merrychristmas #whitechristmas

2017-12-24: Sunny Christmas Eve over the snowy Merrimack Valley

2017-12-23: Do you wanna build a snowman? #snowman ⛄️ #whitechristmas

2017-12-20: It is fun watching posts/stories trickle down from Reddit to the local tv twitter and eventually to …

2017-12-18: Listening to Hypercritical #64 from 4/20/2012 where @siracusa correctly predicts iPhone screen size …

2017-12-16: Ice floating down the Merrimack in Merrimac #phantom4 #drone #dronestagram

2017-12-16: Ice floating down the Merrimack in Merrimac #phantom4 #drone #dronestagram

2017-12-13: Strange Fact: 18 years ago yesterday I placed my first order on Amazon. The order included: the …

2017-12-13: Cold sunrise

2017-12-12: Podcast: Kilobyte 26: Born to Run My Born to Run album review.

2017-12-12: Just finished editing the next episode of Kilobyte with my Born to Run review #staytuned

2017-12-12: Should be a fun ride home!

2017-12-12: WCGW The roads look like this and it’s 32 degrees out

2017-12-12: I think an easy way for people to post tweetstorms has been around for quite a while and its called …

2017-12-12: WCGW The roads look like this and it’s 32 degrees out

2017-12-12: In High Sierra the media keys on the keyboard don’t always control iTunes, this app fixed it …

2017-12-11: Can’t stop thinking about the potential of this device. iOS is ready for this now. Why Apple’s …

2017-12-11: Blog: iPad Pro Productivity apps. The post where I talk about my favorite iPad apps and what I do …

2017-12-11: Ward Reservation Phantom 4 Flight from last week. #drone #phantom #dji #dronesovermassachusetts …

2017-12-11: Blowing snow at the sun #skiing #happyplacefound #snowmaking #winter #snow

2017-12-10: Video: Ward Reservation Quick 1-minute video from a drone demonstration I did last week. #drone …

2017-12-09: Ski weekend!

2017-12-09: Look out Warren Miller! #cinematography #skivideo #camerarig #gopro

2017-12-07: Video: Thanksgiving 2018. Flew a few packs during Thanksgiving and crashed more than once.

2017-12-07: Christmas Tree Frappuccino #lateafternoontreat @starbucks

2017-12-04: Video: Boothbay Playground Flying around a random in Boothbay Maine from October. #keepitshort …

2017-12-03: Getting ready for the Santa parade. #santasunday

2017-12-03: Let the ski season begin…

2017-12-02: Ready to roll!

2017-12-01: Four player local Mario Kart

2017-11-27: Cyber Monday is the day where all the email lists you unsubscribed from magically get turned back on …

2017-11-26: Woods wander

2017-11-25: Had a wonderful weekend with family, but it it is nice to be back home now. It also helps that …

2017-11-24: Christmas tree pose 🎄🧘‍♂️

2017-11-24: I like it a latte.

2017-11-23: My boys are growing up. #thanksgivinghijinks

2017-11-23: Video: Flyin’ in the hood Another short flying video I made around the house.

2017-11-22: Video: Donaghue Inversions Short video showing off some progress with inverting the drone. #fpv …

2017-11-21: After 2 weeks, 3 inspections, 2 cars, 1,800 miles, 4 plates and 1 trip to the registry my new car is …

2017-11-19: Finished making cookies and now he is making markers. #thewaggle #newdo

2017-11-16: Video: Mountain River Trying out a new shorter form video for the racing drone, no more than 30 …

2017-11-14: I love that my new car has Apple CarPlay until it doesn’t recognize that the iPhone is connected and …

2017-11-13: We had a special visitor this year for our annual Veteran’s day trip to the cemetery. #latergram …

2017-11-08: Video: Sawyer Beach Surfing Fun fall day at the beach filming some surfers #drone #phantom #surfing …

2017-11-06: Broken camcorder + Snap Circuits + alligator Clips + spare nails + YouTube tutorial = Fixed …

2017-11-05: iPhone X in store impression. No home button is great. Control center at top is not. White > …

2017-11-05: Tested out the new iPhone X today. Pretty nice device. #shotoniphonex

2017-11-05: My first iOS 11 prediction is the integration of the Workflow app into the main OS. HomeKit and Siri …

2017-11-04: Recorded some friends surfing from the drone. 🏄 🚁🎥

2017-11-01: Mario brothers!

2017-10-31: Halloween parade at work today!

2017-10-27: Two promising things from this week: 1 son was comparing Intel CPU performance and the other is …

2017-10-27: Super Mario Odyssey!

2017-10-26: Every time I need to update a setting in Windows 10 it punts me back to the old school …

2017-10-24: Just finished migrating 950+ old LiveJournal entries into my main blog at blog.keegsands.org. …

2017-10-23: New ride! @subaru_usa #applecarplay

2017-10-23: Sitting at the dealership and remembering why I keep my cars for so long. #boring …

2017-10-21: Finally finished the Alien build. Magic smoke test in the morning. #fpv #roadtofpv #drone …

2017-10-20: Apple Watch Series 3 Take Two #thesilverone #thatreddotthough

2017-10-20: Apple Watch Series 3 Take Two #thesilverone #thatreddotthough

2017-10-19: Ditched the case for my iPhone 6s and started using TouchID again. It’s like having a new phone. …

2017-10-16: Quick little blog post about iCloud Photo Library Optimization issues #askquery

2017-10-15: Capsized boat on the north jetty #dramaticrescue #windyday #merrimackriver

2017-10-15: Water rescue at the mouth of the Merrimack

2017-10-13: Friday the 13th Party Time

2017-10-13: The Apple Clips app used to be amazing and allowed you to throw together a movie in just a few …

2017-10-10: Getting treatment for anxiety was one of the best things I ever did, my story #worldmentalhealthday

2017-10-10: Preparing for Kilobyte 26 by doing my second listen through of Born to Run #podcasthomework

2017-10-10: Took my chances and flew over this mud yesterday. #drone #fpv #roadtofpv #latergram

2017-10-09: Another monarch. Sometimes the iPhone 6s can take pictures in portrait mode too.

2017-10-08: Podcast: Kilobyte 25: Edible Flower At some point in this I talk about eating a flower.

2017-10-08: The predecessor to the Iron Throne. #woodthrone #gameofthrones

2017-10-07: Someday I will master the AirPods and be able to change my shirt without them falling out. …

2017-10-07: My bride and me in the Oven’s Mouth. #lovethatwomansomuch

2017-10-07: Good morning from coastal Maine. #drone #latergram #saltwater #phantom4

2017-10-03: Video: Steam Fog on Coffee Pond. Amazing how the steam fog swirls when viewed from above. #drone …

2017-10-02: Satellite photo or lake mist from above?

2017-10-01: Video: Kite Flying from a Drone #drone #phantom4 #kite

2017-10-01: Brothers in hunting caps by the water

2017-09-30: The weather was terrible and only one kid showed up for the other team, but we still had a blast!

2017-09-29: More progress on the Alien build. Loving those @mrsteelefpv motors! #drone #fpv #roadtofpv …

2017-09-29: I went back and visited the iPhone X page and it is making me think twice about skipping it.

2017-09-29: Happy national coffee day!!

2017-09-28: Back to the @rotor_riot Alien build. #drone #fpv #roadtofpv #miniquad

2017-09-27: Installed macOS High Sierra. Installation hung with about 5% left for a couple hours so I held the …

2017-09-25: Video: Odiorne Point A warm September day in New England means a trip to the beach. #drone #fpv …

2017-09-25: The Space Gray Apple Watch wasn’t for me so I sold it and ordered a silver one instead. Ships in 4 …

2017-09-23: Monarch butterfly

2017-09-23: Scary fairy’s scream house

2017-09-22: We made it to the David Gray concert. It’s a bit chilly on the harbor.

2017-09-22: New Apple Watch Series 3 is all set up and ready to go. #lookinsharp #thatreddothough

2017-09-22: New Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE!!! #thatreddotthough #apple #watch

2017-09-22: Looks like my gamble paid off. Just ordered a new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE for pick up from …

2017-09-21: Video: White Mountains Wedding. Drone flight over the early foliage of New Hampshire. #phantom4 …

2017-09-21: Editing some drone footage from last weekend and present me is mad at past me for all that yaw!

2017-09-20: Perfect stormy morning drink. #littlelatte #espresso

2017-09-19: Blog: iOS 11 for iPhone. My quick review of iPhone changes in iOS 11.

2017-09-18: The leaves have already started changing up in the White Mountains.

2017-09-17: The loft is up

2017-09-17: Fall foliage from the air. #drone #phantom4 #newhampshire #whitemountains

2017-09-16: Time for a wedding!

2017-09-15: Blog: Installing Apache HTTPD on Windows and proxying to Tomcat

2017-09-15: We almost made it back to the car under the Common before the rain came pouring down. Luckily it was …

2017-09-14: These seats will probably be ok. #ballgamewithmom

2017-09-14: Podcast: Kilobyte 24: Series 2 Time to talk about the iPhone X.

2017-09-12: Cam the little barista. #juststeamedmilk #gaggia #espresso #coffee

2017-09-11: The Kilobyte podcast series 2 will be starting soon. Be sure to catch up on series 1. Kilobyte …

2017-09-10: iPhone Event Predictions: LTE Apple Watch and the 3 iPhones (8, 8+, X). TV, HomePod and iMac Pro …

2017-09-10: He took care of the last three rows and the top all on his own. #shed #playhouse #construction …

2017-09-10: Almost done roofing

2017-09-09: The kids think this OAB sign actually is a DAB sign. #osakaasianbistro

2017-09-08: Lunch on the Piscataqua.

2017-09-06: All this empty space in the iOS 11 status bar seems strange. #notchiscoming #iphonepro

2017-09-06: Emergency brakes are overrated. #nothurricanerelateddamage

2017-09-05: Love this article about Apple’s future in wearables! Why Apple glasses won’t include …

2017-09-04: Moon rising #beach #moon #rising #dunegrass

2017-09-04: Dew on apples. #shotoniphone6s

2017-09-04: Photographing the photographer #macrophotography #waterdroples #naturephotography

2017-08-27: Fun with cousins #lakelife #blueberryisland

2017-08-26: In the process of moving keegsands.org to a new host and getting the Kilobyte podcast back in Apple …

2017-08-26: Morning cat #tucker #seniorcat #adoptacat #catsarecrazy

2017-08-24: Cool article with photos of the Moon Crossing Face of Earth from Space

2017-08-24: Cool photos of the moon in front of Earth from space. www.nasa.gov/feature/g…

2017-08-24: Swapping out the video transmitter on my Tweaker 180 for a smaller and better fitting one. #fpv …

2017-08-23: Blog: I figured out how to import GoPro footage into iMovie on iOS without iCloud. Getting Video …

2017-08-22: I was almost to work this morning and this little toad hopped out out the windshield wiper well onto …



2017-08-21: Beautiful spot for flying once the people have dispersed. #fpv #drone #roadtofpv @mrsteelefpv …

2017-08-21: My son watching the sun while eating sun chips. #eclipse #eclipse2017

2017-08-21: Pinhole style #eclipse #eclipse2017



2017-08-21: Brothers by a morning campfire #camping #campfire #morningfire 🔥#latergram

2017-08-19: We postponed camping for 12 hours because of rain. #gooddecision #thesummerofbusy #neverhome …

2017-08-16: No wake #drone #dji #phantom4 #photography #boat #water #lakelife

2017-08-14: Sailboat races from above. #pumpkinseed #sunfish #notsunflower

2017-08-13: Brothers eating a dock dinner

2017-08-13: Beautiful day on the pond.

2017-08-12: Kayaking

2017-08-10: Took my fleet of drones out for a flying session. I love FPV! #fpv #drone #gopro #roadtofpv …

2017-08-10: Brothers sharing spaghetti ice cream. #newplace #sharing

2017-08-04: Fun at the ballpark. #uscseadogs #loftwareinc


2017-08-02: And that’s a wrap on the 2017 baseball season.

2017-08-02: More baseball

2017-08-01: Video: Beach Sunset. Flying the drone at the beach during sunset.

2017-08-01: Somebody bought the mustache multi pack at the dollar store. #thebanker

2017-07-30: Brothers in baggage claim #backhome #bostonyourmyhome

2017-07-30: Brief layover in Utah. #homewardbound #slightdelay




2017-07-29: Idaho fooseball

2017-07-29: Yee-haw!!!

2017-07-28: Spotted the space station in the big sky. #iss #spacestation @nasa

2017-07-28: Brothers on horseback

2017-07-28: Brothers about to go for a lake swim

2017-07-27: It is a different kind of sunset in Montana tonight

2017-07-26: Big sky big sunset

2017-07-26: Another day another waterfall #glaciernationalpark #2medicinelake

2017-07-26: Brothers eating breakfast

2017-07-25: Off he goes! #alpineslide #waggle

2017-07-25: A girl and her fossils @jriebesands #market #montana #fossil

2017-07-25: Along the cliff’s edge #glaciernationalpark #highlinetrail #loganpass

2017-07-25: Brothers in a paddle boat

2017-07-25: Brothers in Glacier National Park

2017-07-24: Beautiful

2017-07-24: Montana morning

2017-07-23: More lake fun

2017-07-23: Paddlin’

2017-07-22: Montana skies

2017-07-22: Brothers cooling off

2017-07-21: Moving through the airport like a boss. #newcarryonbag #helovesred #montanabound

2017-07-20: Last baseball event of the season. #untilnextyear

2017-07-19: Strawberry Shortcake

2017-07-19: Company meeting

2017-07-18: Brothers exploring a cool tree

2017-07-16: Brothers in the waves

2017-07-16: I spy the sand bah!

2017-07-15: It took many months of research and planning, lots of different parts deliveries and about five …

2017-07-15: What a bunch of turkeys? 🦃

2017-07-13: It’s alive!! Plugged in the battery and spun up one of the motors without smoke! #roadtofpv …

2017-07-13: Power and motors added this morning. Up next motor to ESC soldering and the flight controller! #fpv …

2017-07-12: Stopping for the night. PDB is installed and Escs are “attached”. Having some trouble …

2017-07-12: Getting ready for my first mini quad build. #fpv#roadtofpv #quadcopter #drone

2017-07-12: Another evening at the ballpark. #latergram #onemoregametogo

2017-07-11: Camden’s steamed milk

2017-07-10: Pulled pork sweet potato fries

2017-07-10: Nice night for a softball game. #backtobackwins #3for4 #insidetheparkhomerun

2017-07-09: Sirius XM support in the Amazon Echo was great until they played an ad using the word Alexa and it …

2017-07-08: Afternoon coffee. #allthelayers #espresso

2017-07-08: Practicing some new tricks and broke a prop. #fpv #drone #quadcopter

2017-07-08: And baseball continues!

2017-07-07: Chicken cordon bleu

2017-07-05: It was great to get back on my yoga mat after a busy season of baseball. #namaste #yoga #sorehips

2017-07-04: Pool pahty

2017-07-04: Happy Independence Day! #murica🇺🇸

2017-07-03: Full!

2017-07-03: Somebody is back in action after a mysterious 2 day illness.

2017-07-01: You would think we would need this sign because Camden walked into the screen, but nope it was …

2017-06-28: Video: I flew my drone and saw a Double Rainbow #drone #fpv #gopro

2017-06-28: Post practice dinner

2017-06-27: Yep I saw the double rainbow too. #nofilter

2017-06-26: Video: Drone over the ball fields

2017-06-26: He is still into it four weeks later. #mowersofinstagram #earprotection

2017-06-24: Fancy

2017-06-24: Wedding time!! #blacktie #boston #nightout #tux #fancy

2017-06-22: Why limit my summer sports to softball and baseball when I can also play soccer? #letsdothis

2017-06-22: It’s not a screen day, but sometimes there are special exceptions #nes

2017-06-21: Sometimes newer technology has to take a back seat for the classics. #originalnes #switch #nintendo

2017-06-20: The Twitter web client is now unusable for me because my timeline is full of tweets that were …

2017-06-20: My new favorite thing is rearranging all my windows after my HP Thunderbolt dock thinks it …

2017-06-18: The regular season is done, but now it is time for summer tournament season to begin. #practice …

2017-06-17: Just for fun baseball practice with the boys

2017-06-16: Snappah #turtle #egglaying #officeturtle

2017-06-15: My work HP laptop is recovering from a blue screen issue so I am trying out this iPad Pro/Apple TV …

2017-06-13: Video: Summer Fun Summer is here and its time to fly.

2017-06-11: A little windy today but I can’t waste those fully charged batteries. #fpv #drone #roadtofpv …

2017-06-05: Crazy feature packed Apple WWDC keynote, looking forward to hearing what my favorite podcasters will …

2017-06-04: Just chillaxin while the lawn is getting mowed. #kidsareuseful #adecadelater

2017-06-04: Morning coffees

2017-06-02: Limbo competition winner!! #takingselfie #forgottoswitchcameras

2017-06-02: I love Apple Music except when I try to play a song off an album and it plays some poor quality …

2017-05-31: Edge and Flash Player Weird Issue: blog.keegsands.org/2017/05/f…

2017-05-30: More pretty flowers

2017-05-29: Video: Short flight at our Memorial day party, youtu.be/5wBPmkn_z…

2017-05-29: Pretty flowers

2017-05-26: Only a couple more weeks of baseball to go

2017-05-25: It would be amazing if Apple added an IFTTT type triggering mechanism for the Workflow app. #ios12 …

2017-05-18: RIP Mango the rat. #pets #ratsarentsobad

2017-05-17: I would love to help #loftwareinc with #commutetowin , but May is a busy month for me thanks to all …

2017-05-15: Playing sportsball

2017-05-15: Found some local flyers. #fpv #drone #quadcopter

2017-05-14: Video: Woodsom Flying - Flying at the old farm

2017-05-12: I feel like in 10 years we will look back on the discussion about touch screen desktop computers and …

2017-05-11: After a year our HP laptops at work and their “USB-C” docks (the cable also has a …

2017-05-11: The leaves are all out. #springishere

2017-05-09: IT is taking my Windows laptop for two hours next week to upgrade to Anniversary edition. I thought …

2017-05-08: My short wish list for Apple Clips: Slo-mo video support, Live Photo video support like Google …

2017-05-07: Monthly office drone flight.

2017-05-05: Monthly cube farm flight. #fpv #drone #tinywhoop #roadtofpv #quadcopter

2017-05-05: Classic new employee lunch with a power outage, fire alarms and a smoked filled room. Thanks Grill …

2017-05-05: Pretty tree flowers

2017-05-04: Attempting to work on 8 things at once usually results in 0 things getting done.

2017-05-03: The new Microsoft Surface laptop looks great, but I wish I people compared it to the 2016 MacBook …

2017-05-02: I am happy that the trees like the rain, but I miss the sun.

2017-04-29: Found some time in between games to fly. #fpv #roadtofpv #quadcopter #drone #baseball

2017-04-25: Mac users don’t know what a bad iTunes experience is until they have used it on Windows. #nightmare …

2017-04-21: Flying the friendly skies again. Freestyle practice. #rolls #sturns #fpv #drone #quadcopter …

2017-04-15: Sunrise

2017-04-14: Sunset flight #drone #quadcopter #fpv #roadtofpv

2017-04-09: The snow is gone, the temperature is above freezing, the wind has died down and I finally got to fly …

2017-04-02: Time to get back up on the mountain. #springskiing

2017-04-01: Kaleb’s first time down White Heat

2017-04-01: Still snowing

2017-04-01: Powder


2017-03-31: Surprise fireworks!

2017-03-31: Locked and loaded for our last ski weekend of the season. #beatthestorm

2017-03-30: RIP Charlie Bear the rat. #pets #ratsarentsobad

2017-03-26: New bird is ready to fly. #swiftcam #fpv #roadtofpv #drone #quadcopter #shuriken180pro #holybro


2017-03-25: White Heat!!

2017-03-25: Half way point. ⛷

2017-03-25: Ski day

2017-03-24: Happy Spring from Portsmouth, NH #snowing

2017-03-21: Last ditch effort to save the Shuriken 180. I crashed in the snow without waterproofing. #fpv #drone …

2017-03-18: It’s above freezing for the first time in two weeks so of course flying #fpv #drone …




2017-03-14: Well that happened #blizzard #shed

2017-03-11: In the midst of the sick season

2017-03-10: Sweet boy is still sick

2017-03-08: Lots of blue



2017-03-05: Let this cold day begin. #espresso #coffee

2017-03-03: Surprise snow squall

2017-03-03: Apparently cutting five inches of hair makes you look five years younger!

2017-02-25: Record February temperatures means winter flying. #fpv #quadcopter #drone #roadtofpv

2017-02-22: And that’s a wrap! Back at home.

2017-02-22: Sleepy boy

2017-02-22: Terminal games




2017-02-21: Final Florida evening flight. #fpv #drone #quadcopter #roadtofpv #cantwaitforsummer

2017-02-21: Go karts!

2017-02-21: Florida beach #cloudy

2017-02-20: Flying with my dad. #fpv #drone #quadcopter #shuriken180 #phantom4

2017-02-20: Bird landed in me within seconds of entering the aviary. Clearly I wasn’t sure about the whole …

2017-02-20: Just a meerkat

2017-02-19: Just watched a rocket land on a launch pad. No big deal. 🚀 #falcon9 @spacex #capecanaveral

2017-02-19: Vacation in Florida means it is time for iced coffees again.

2017-02-16: Winter wonderland

2017-02-13: The office was empty thanks to a snowstorm so I had some fun flying around the cube farm. #fpv …

2017-02-13: Empty lot at work today


2017-02-08: Pre yoga cortado

2017-02-05: Beaver pond hockey

2017-01-28: Winter flying is too cold! #fpv #quadcopter #drone #roadtofpv

2017-01-22: A calming my walk before the Nor’Easter blows in tomorrow.

2017-01-21: Sunny and warm (45 degrees) weather in New England means more stick time. #fpv #roadtofpv #drone …

2017-01-21: Christmas cactus still blooms my after all these years.

2017-01-20: Backyard wildlife

2017-01-14: Great success! Acro mode Tiny Whoop is amazing! The FPV camera on this is better than the one on my …

2017-01-14: Let’s try to build a Tiny Whoop. #beeductrix @newbeedrone #fpv #quadcopter #drone #roadtofpv

2017-01-14: Late night means late breakfast

2017-01-10: After four more months of mediocre coffee the new grinder finally arrived and lives up to my …

2017-01-09: New beans for the new grinder arriving tonight. I figured it would be silly not to get a coffee and …

2017-01-08: It’s alive again! Soldering success, we’ll sort of. By the time I finished testing the …

2017-01-08: Solder practice on my first Hubsan H107C. #drone #quadcopter #fpv #roadtofpv

2017-01-08: Brrrrr ❄️ it’s going to be even colder today. #illpass #latergram

2017-01-07: It’s cold!

2017-01-06: I needed to run my batteries down for storage so I decided to fly while it was snowing today. #fpv …

2017-01-03: Maudslay from the air.

2017-01-02: The weather finally cooperated so I could fly at a new spot. #quadcopter #drone #roadtofpv #fpv …

2016-12-31: The beaver dam behind our house means we now have a place to ice skate! #backonskates …

2016-12-29: It doesn’t take long for big snowflakes to cover the ground.

2016-12-29: Coffee

2016-12-27: Surfing waggle

2016-12-25: Warning: Trying to get a child to stop playing VR is 10x harder than getting them to stop using any …

2016-12-25: Merry Christmas! Our tree this year held up really well. Another #instamas in the books.

2016-12-24: We got to see the BABY today!#eleanorrose #instamas

2016-12-23: And a turkey in a birch tree! #instamas

2016-12-22: The future arrived today. #airpods #apple #fanboy #sheep

2016-12-21: The temperature popped up above freezing so I am going to rip for a total of 3 packs! Maybe an …

2016-12-21: Sunrise after the solstice. #instamas

2016-12-19: The special GoPro mount for the Shuriken 180 isn’t available so I am improvising. …

2016-12-17: Let’s go skiing! #instamas #happyplacefound

2016-12-16: This happened today. #starwars #rogueone #instamas

2016-12-15: White out! #snowsquall

2016-12-15: My new go to pizza the #PPP Pepperoni pIneapple pizza #instamas #latergram

2016-12-14: Another Blue Apron for homework night. #instamas

2016-12-13: Flying lunch #quadcopter #drone #roadtofpv #fpv #muddy #snow

2016-12-12: First snow or snow/grass man of the year #instamas

2016-12-11: Father and son flying. #fpv #quadcopter #drone #roadtofpv

2016-12-11: Kaleb stepped up his gingerbread house game this year. #instamas

2016-12-10: Story time with Mrs. Claus #instamas

2016-12-09: Snowy sunrise #instamas #day9 #nofilter

2016-12-08: We finally got a real tree topper. #instamas

2016-12-07: Snow schoolyard #instamas #latergram#missedaday #oops

2016-12-05: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas #instamas #nobrainer

2016-12-04: A seasonably mild December in New England means I was able to sneak in a couple packs before the …

2016-12-03: Oh Christmas tree 🎄

2016-12-03: Tree time #instamas

2016-12-02: Operation santa tree at work. #instamas #day2

2016-12-01: December is here which means two things. 1. Our elf is back. 2. #instamas where I post at least one …

2016-11-29: A rainy day is the perfect time to try out the new Mac and Cheese restaurant in Portsmouth. …

2016-11-27: Moved on to Bretton Woods today because they had beginner terrain open.

2016-11-26: A little early afternoon black diamond trail. #latergram #airglow

2016-11-26: First ski day of the season

2016-11-25: Mission accomplished! #winteruphere

2016-11-25: 10 day polar expedition? Nope just a 2 day ski weekend. #firsttripoftheseason

2016-11-24: Meeting their new cousin. #facetime

2016-11-24: What a bird!

2016-11-24: Thanksgiving flight #roadtofpv #fpv #minikwad

2016-11-23: Procured a turkey this morning for our first Thanksgiving in Merrimac and first outside of …

2016-11-21: My family

2016-11-20: Snow! #winteriscoming

2016-11-19: Fire

2016-11-19: Merry Christmas

2016-11-17: Waiting for the @davidgray to begin.

2016-11-14: I convinced him to do the “cook a meal” homework assignment. Barbacoa lamb/beef tacos …

2016-11-12: Maiden flight of the new kwad. It was scary, but after a few minutes I managed to hover …

2016-11-10: Lunchtime flying at the ball field. #roadtofpv #fpv #quadcopter

2016-11-08: I voted last week so I didn’t get a sticker. Lucky for me I have some enterprise labeling …

2016-11-07: I picked the worst time of year to start a new hobby that requires being outside during daylight …

2016-11-06: My family

2016-11-05: It is a beautiful fall day in New England. Time to fly. #roadtofpv #quadcopter #bmrc #fpv

2016-11-04: Always good when you arrive home and see a box covered in @rotor_riot packing tape. @mrsteelefpv …

2016-11-02: Maiden flight with my new @fatsharkgoggles #fpv #roadtofpv #hubsan #quadcopter

2016-10-31: Taking it to the next level! #roadtofpv @fatsharkgoggles #fpv #hubsan #fpv #quadcopter

2016-10-31: Droplets on the ledge outside our conference room window #nofilter

2016-10-30: Apple butter jeans, boots with the fur and the whole club was lookin’ at her….

2016-10-29: Trying out fondu with the boys.

2016-10-29: Time to climb

2016-10-28: Pulled pork

2016-10-28: The rain has returned.

2016-10-26: I had lunch with my first grader today. #firstgradeluncheon

2016-10-23: Blue Apron seated chicken and barley #madebyme

2016-10-23: Autumn in Exeter 🍂

2016-10-22: Watched my first FPV multi rotor race today. About ready to go all in on this hobby. #fpv #racing …

2016-10-18: Took my first FPV flight this morning. #gamechanger #roadtofpv #quadcopter

2016-10-13: Legos and pizza

2016-10-10: Gotta catch ‘em all

2016-10-10: The foliage #nofilter

2016-10-10: I can see clearly now the rain is gone

2016-10-08: Chicken

2016-10-08: Bees knees

2016-10-06: Lunchtime flying. #roadtofpv #quadcopter #hubsan

2016-10-04: It’s pumpkin 🎃 season

2016-10-02: Kaleb insisted I take a picture of his taco like I do with my coffee.

2016-09-27: Time to conference. #angular2 #angularsummit

2016-09-25: Sunday morning sun rising at Sunday River. #sunsunsun

2016-09-24: Burger with fried Mac and Cheese patties for buns!

2016-09-24: Pika pika!

2016-09-23: Construction simulator time while we wait for Camden

2016-09-21: Mew Pokémon #latteart #pokemon #mew #likeclouds

2016-09-20: The new Apple AirPods can’t come soon enough. #tangledmess

2016-09-18: Roar!

2016-09-16: I get to spend the evening with my mom…. at her work. #infectedfootproblems

2016-09-15: Checked in on the wildlife #bunny #dabada

2016-09-10: Great progress today. Lots of banked turn learning and my first crash that involved the loss of a …

2016-09-10: Time to fly #quadcopter #drone #roadtofpv

2016-09-10: This is what you call dad-sploitation #mariokart #wii #nintendo #momsnothome

2016-09-08: The beaver is working hard to create a pond in our backyard.

2016-09-08: My dad came over so we could try out the Phantom 4.

2016-09-05: Going into the recording studio for Kilobyte episode 16. #iphoneeventpredictions

2016-09-05: Reflecting

2016-09-05: Bye sun #latergram

2016-09-04: Mouth of the Merrimack

2016-09-04: So this is happening

2016-09-03: Always need to get their fabulous coffee. #thinkingcupboston

2016-09-03: Country folk head to the city.

2016-09-02: Two grinders, two coffee machines and an hour later to get a bad cup of coffee. #timetoresearch

2016-09-01: After one week in the rock tumbler. Only two more weeks to go.

2016-08-28: Hermit crab

2016-08-28: Crepe monster

2016-08-27: Finished painting the second coat, even the stupid sunrise looking part.

2016-08-21: Sluicing success

2016-08-21: Desert

2016-08-21: Morning book by the campfire

2016-08-20: Campfire

2016-08-19: Practicing landing

2016-08-17: I was having trouble staying focused at work so it seemed like I could use a change of scenery and …

2016-08-17: A boy and his quadcopter. #halfbirthday

2016-08-14: Another day another bridge

2016-08-14: I like it a latte. #lunch

2016-08-13: What an ass

2016-08-13: Monarch

2016-08-13: Metallic looking mud

2016-08-13: The down of a thistle #twasthenightbeforechristmas

2016-08-13: Coffees #goodmorning

2016-08-11: Chocolate Reese’s Pieces with marshmallow sauce

2016-08-11: Humid pool kind of day

2016-08-09: Bridge going up

2016-08-07: Finished painting the other half of the house today.

2016-08-06: Finally enjoying the 10th anniversary wine with @jriebesands. Thanks for this great gift …

2016-08-06: Somebody went to Circus Smircus today

2016-08-04: Sunset at the beach

2016-08-03: If you are seeing this for the first time then you are missing out on my Instagram Story. Update …

2016-07-30: Found our seats. @coldplay

2016-07-27: Foxy loxy #pei #canada #vacation

2016-07-25: The worlds highest tides

2016-07-24: Good to be back on the Bay of Fundy

2016-07-23: First overlap of our honeymoon and the family trip of Canada. #tenyearslater #lunenberg #novascotia

2016-07-23: The tour of Atlantic Canada continues. Quiet garden time and Pokemon catching

2016-07-22: Crab #summervacation #canada #pei

2016-07-20: Walking through the dunes

2016-07-16: Time for vacation! Of course we went to see a waterfall.

2016-07-15: When there is a wild Squirtle in your living room and you are out of poké balls. …

2016-07-13: Guess what I am having for my meal at the company meeting tonight? @loftwareinc

2016-07-10: Krabby in the house. Ahhhh! #pokemongo

2016-07-09: Rain drop leaf #latergram

2016-07-09: Started playing Pokemon Go today and can’t stop myself. #gottacatchemall

2016-07-07: The shaggy driver

2016-07-07: Serious baseball. Who’s on first? Camden! #riverrivals

2016-07-07: Dropping the boys off for camp by the ocean

2016-07-03: Sponge

2016-07-02: Ready for our 10th anniversary dinner date. #nofilter #moxy #portsmouthnh

2016-07-01: Nothing says Fourth of July weekend like root beer

2016-07-01: Dramatic clouds after the storm. #latergram

2016-06-29: In some parts of the country this is called a sun shower in others it’s called “the …

2016-06-27: Eye on the ball!

2016-06-26: Finishing up a busy weekend with scallops. #notforme #wonteatthingsthatbreatheunderwater

2016-06-25: Maine lake sunset.

2016-06-24: Out with the old and in with the new. #homeownership

2016-06-23: Shoe fly don’t bother me. #macrophotography #shotoniphone6s #workwindow

2016-06-22: My apple #bitcam

2016-06-22: Softball team

2016-06-21: Time it edit the next episode of Kilobyte #podcast #ferrite #mocha

2016-06-19: Dogtown with the boys.

2016-06-17: Summer is officially here. #peaceloveburger

2016-06-12: Millyard Amesbury from the other side. #bitcam

2016-06-12: Homemade strawberry and blueberry muffins. #locallygrown #ciderhillfarm #handpicked

2016-06-10: Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

2016-06-09: Afternoon coffee #bitcam #espresso

2016-06-04: Newburyport fountain

2016-05-30: Beach selfie. #photobomb

2016-05-30: The sun came out! #beachpizza

2016-05-24: Can you see the monkey? #latteart #likeclouds

2016-05-23: Yummy pulled pork sandwich for lunch.

2016-05-22: Picturesque Amesbury.

2016-05-22: Chickens!!

2016-05-21: Pretty sure Cam needs this all the time!

2016-05-20: Sunrise over the Arthur L Bartlett Jr bridge

2016-05-17: Pretty tree

2016-05-14: Starting pitcher warming up.

2016-05-11: Birthday lunch. #workingfromhome

2016-05-10: Lunch

2016-05-01: I used to make big kicks.

2016-04-30: KB on the mound again.

2016-04-29: Cam at the hot corner. #firstaagame

2016-04-28: Little KB takes the mound

2016-04-26: Icy precip in Portsmouth NH

2016-04-23: Much more relaxing on this side of the field. #soccerparent

2016-04-16: Tasty breakfast. #latergram

2016-04-15: Jeremy Ford’s oven roasted chicken and mixed mushrooms @blueapron meal. Yummy

2016-04-11: Foul ball

2016-04-11: And we’re in!

2016-04-11: Inbound for Fenway Park.

2016-04-03: Time to set up my new device. #ipadpro #applepencil

2016-04-02: Annual Hodgie’s opening day selfie.

2016-03-28: Dam

2016-03-27: Happy Easter!!! #latteart

2016-03-24: Peep wreath!

2016-03-21: Kaleb and I laid down the sweet figure 8 in the right most strip of corduroy.

2016-03-21: Second day of spring!

2016-03-19: Wind chill of 5 degrees. Doesn’t really feel like spring skiing.

2016-03-17: Late winter storm

2016-03-16: He is such a ham

2016-03-14: Cleaning a path to the beaver dam. #latergram

2016-03-13: Taste of spring. #nofilter #shotoniphone6s

2016-03-12: Setting sun on the Merrimack

2016-03-12: Tough finding parking in old Amesbury this morning.

2016-03-11: Fantastic croissant and tomato soup for lunch today!

2016-03-10: Cam celebrated Mario day by accident. #Mar10 #marioday

2016-03-09: Going up!

2016-03-08: Almost spring morning

2016-03-05: Can insisted on the marshmallow roast

2016-02-28: Making a trail to the beaver dam.

2016-02-21: More outdoor fun #snowyhike

2016-02-20: Beautiful beach day

2016-02-19: Friday morning breakfast out. #blogging #ipadlifestyle

2016-02-15: Just me and the rats this week

2016-02-14: Frozen bubble cluster.

2016-02-10: Science!

2016-02-09: Had to share this picture of this chocolate peanut butter whoopie cookie. #heavenly

2016-02-09: A boy and his shovel. #snow #childlabor

2016-02-07: Sledding fun

2016-02-06: High clouds

2016-02-05: Snowy

2016-02-03: Kaleb has taken to coding!! On the paper is the spec for a face and on the screen you can see his …

2016-02-02: Night skiing is always cold even when it’s 48 degrees out.

2016-01-30: Best latte around

2016-01-30: Now off to Boston

2016-01-28: View from my office. #remoteworker

2016-01-25: Chilly ski lift. #latergram

2016-01-24: Hard earned waffle @wafflecabinsr

2016-01-23: And we’re off

2016-01-19: Muffins with butter and lingonberry jam

2016-01-16: Change over to snow

2016-01-15: Can’t wait to tell my mom I was nominated AND won the innovation award this year!

2015-12-31: Another in my virtual time lapse of the view from South Ridge.

2015-12-31: White Cap Quad open = ski out of Grand Summit = no trolley/shuttle to South Ridge = 10x improvement …

2015-12-30: 80 hours later

2015-12-29: 48 hours later. Now we’re talking.

2015-12-28: 24 hours later and the guns are blasting.

2015-12-27: On the hill with my boys #latergram

2015-12-27: This is the picture is what the Sunday River webcam no longer shows you. #muddy #lightcover #rain

2015-12-24: Record breaking high temps mean the boys are playing outside in short sleeves on this Christmas Eve. …

2015-12-23: Nice day for a run. #instamas #day23

2015-12-22: It’s beginning to look a lot like spring, every where we go. #rainyreflection #parkinglot …

2015-12-21: Choo choo! #instamas #day21

2015-12-20: Flying reindeer bird seed ornament. #instamas #day20

2015-12-19: Let’s do this! #starwars #instamas #day19

2015-12-18: Breakfast for dinner. Icelandic pancakes. #instamas #day18

2015-12-17: Rainy day Lululemon shorts haul. #instamas #day17

2015-12-16: The boy with half moon eyes always has half moon shaped burgers. #instamas #day16

2015-12-15: This is 6:45am. #winterisdark #instamas #day15

2015-12-14: Went light on the outdoor decorations this year. #instamas #day14

2015-12-13: Beautiful day at the beach. #instamas #day13

2015-12-12: Celebrated the 10th anniversary of our engagement. It was about 50 degrees warmer this time around. …

2015-12-12: A little morning Super Mario Galaxy by the tree. #instamas #day12

2015-12-11: Made some walking ginger dead yesterday with Cam. #instamas #day11

2015-12-10: The ugly under belly of downtown Amesbury. #instamas #day10

2015-12-09: Ready for the hill. #instamas #day9

2015-12-08: Hey now!! #instamas #day8

2015-12-07: Walking dead gingerbread #instamas #day7

2015-12-06: Tuba toothpaste#instamas #day6

2015-12-06: I love a parade

2015-12-06: This is much better than a few years ago when I had to carry his skis and bag and then eventually …

2015-12-05: First day of skiing for the waggle #instamas #day5

2015-12-04: Packing for our first ski trip of the season. #instamas #day4

2015-12-03: Hoping they worked out the E. coli issues. #instamas #day3 #chipotle

2015-12-02: Rainy tree. #instamas #day2

2015-12-01: Post yoga dinner. #instamas #day1

2015-11-27: The Waggle!

2015-11-26: This must be what it feels like to have Thanksgiving dinner at Starbucks. #misspelledname

2015-11-22: Attempted to sweep the chimney and five seconds after putting the brush in the clay liner just fell …

2015-11-21: Last one working at the painting party

2015-11-20: Finally trying out Noodles & Company in Seabrook.

2015-11-19: Sleepy rats

2015-11-15: There is no way this could go wrong. #football #brothers

2015-11-15: Trying out the new iPad Pro.

2015-11-14: Putting together my box of 8 with provolone. #cristys #pizzabeach

2015-11-14: The mighty Merrimack

2015-11-11: Thank you to the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving. #veteransday …

2015-11-10: Oh rats! Mango waking up.

2015-11-08: Lacing up for the first time in 12 years. #soccer #AHS #copamundial

2015-11-07: Perfect day for a bike ride

2015-10-31: Sands boy selfie

2015-10-31: Punkins

2015-10-30: Autumn morning #nofilter #littlevignette

2015-10-29: Finally found something to do with my old Apple devices. Next week the 3rd generation Apple TV will …

2015-10-29: Autumn sky #nofilter

2015-10-24: Harvest things

2015-10-24: Frosty soccer morning #latergram

2015-10-12: Time to wake up

2015-10-11: Beach

2015-10-10: Columbus weekend camping

2015-10-10: Now this is a breakfast

2015-10-08: Trying out the old MacBook. He is quite surprised at the slowness and low quality of the keyboard.

2015-10-04: The Giant Pumpkin

2015-10-04: Handsome guy. Trying to beat the crowds

2015-10-03: Riebes at a soccer game #squadgoals

2015-10-02: Lexie’s for dinner last night. #latergram #burger #notframedright

2015-09-29: The end of another busy workday

2015-09-28: Cool clouds.

2015-09-27: When in the mountains of NH it makes total sense to eat Mexican food

2015-09-20: We made it to the top of Cannon Mountain this time.

2015-09-07: RC truck on the slide

2015-09-06: I am going to open up a garage called KW Sands and sons

2015-09-05: The view from the back row of the most popular sunflower band’s concert

2015-09-05: Mmmmmm bacon!!

2015-09-02: The last afternoon before starting school full time. After this its 13-19 years of school followed …

2015-08-30: Apple picking

2015-08-26: Flying things

2015-08-17: Hydrangea

2015-08-13: Flower #nofilter

2015-08-12: Maine coastline

2015-08-11: Vinyasa flow followed by a cortado. #nowthatsvacation #yoga #espresso

2015-08-10: Beautiful morning in Maine

2015-08-08: The Waggle table

2015-08-01: Another weekend away #upnorth

2015-07-30: My desk is such a mess today. #movingday

2015-07-26: Back home pullin’ shots like a boss.

2015-07-24: Last full day of vacation. Trying to get in as much pool time as possible. #curlyfish

2015-07-22: Our nation’s capital

2015-07-16: Second round of Noshery crepes.

2015-07-16: Chipotle more like ChipotlBAE

2015-07-16: Love trying out a new breakfast place in Amesbury. #crepe

2015-07-12: Seaweed

2015-07-12: Flower

2015-07-02: Beer at lunch #whatthewhat

2015-06-15: Great weekend in Portland with my bride. #latergram

2015-06-13: Sunset in Portland

2015-06-12: I wonder what people would find more offensive about this 80’s cartoon today the Nazi …

2015-06-07: Marsh walk

2015-06-06: Hanging with my cousins

2015-05-31: Pollen all cars! #getit #hahaha #sopunny

2015-05-30: His and hers double shots.

2015-05-28: Can you see the moon?

2015-05-11: Yummy cemita and curry fries

2015-05-10: Spring!

2015-05-04: Time for yogalates

2015-05-03: Post hike picnic

2015-04-27: In case you were wondering this is the answer. #chickenegg

2015-04-24: Loving my new Apple  Watch.

2015-04-18: Continuing to enjoy the tasty coffee of @caffemedici even back home in New England. Not quite as …

2015-04-15: Austin morning

2015-04-14: There is more to Austin than just cortados

2015-04-14: Austin Cortado #2

2015-04-13: Cortado #latteartgoals

2015-04-12: Austin city skyline

2015-04-11: Spring has sprung

2015-04-07: Cowboy hat #latteart

2015-04-05: Happy Easter! #giant egg

2015-04-05: Easter haul

2015-04-04: Tea party anyone

2015-03-28: Hodgies opening day!!!

2015-03-26: Coffee construction #espresso #beans

2015-03-23: Layout lattes #latergram

2015-03-21: Spring walk

2015-03-20: Bird of paradise #latteart

2015-03-11: Snow rising #oppositeofsnowfalling

2015-03-10: Desk Lego car

2015-03-08: Melted snow

2015-03-07: Finally warm enough to play outside.

2015-03-03: Let’s get a physical, physical. I wanna get a physical.

2015-02-22: Dare I say this is the high “snow” mark for 2015

2015-02-18: Love me a Cortado

2015-02-16: Picked up a pair of LL Bean mocs so the people at work will stop harassing me about my tall Maine …

2015-02-14: Back to the 80’s. #Zinka

2015-02-11: Two more big storms and our Christmas tree will be completely buried.

2015-02-11: Springy giraffe #latteart

2015-02-07: Blue crab

2015-02-07: Dam!!!

2015-02-05: One benefit to having over 3 feet of snow is how you don’t bother shoveling when you get a …

2015-02-03: After yoga class I always refuel with Total raisin bran. #ad @juliecov

2015-02-03: Oh-MG Christmas tree!

2015-02-02: I-95 S in Portsmouth NH during PM rush hour

2015-01-29: Don’t forget to drink water

2015-01-28: Oh no Christmas tree

2015-01-27: We shoveled this path out five hours ago. #blizzard #neverending

2015-01-25: View from the chairlift

2015-01-24: Oh Christmas tree

2015-01-22: …After #paintnite

2015-01-22: Before… #paintnite

2015-01-22: Beanies

2015-01-19: Icy pond

2015-01-17: My third nomination for my company’s annual awards night, but no wins yet. #alwaysnextyear

2015-01-16: “Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it feels like years …

2015-01-15: Snowy parking lot

2015-01-13: Cold fighting

2015-01-09: Snow > sub zero temperatures

2015-01-06: The @Starbucks version of the flat white. Not as good as mine, but better than expected. …

2015-01-06: My homemade flat white in honor of the @Starbucks Flat White launch today. #minesbetter

2015-01-03: For too little hair Cy Sperling created #hairclubformen. @jaredleto has inspired me to join …

2015-01-02: Quit staring at me!

2015-01-01: Post IKEA afternoon espresso

2014-12-31: See you tomorrow Mr. Sun when we start another trip around you. #sunset #happynewyear

2014-12-28: Winter tree

2014-12-27: I wonder how long this can was floating around

2014-12-26: Winter lifeguard chair

2014-12-26: Santa carrying his sack? #latteart

2014-12-25: Out Christmas cactus continues to bloom nearly a decade later. Thanks @kdharv

2014-12-24: Obligatory tree picture. Merry Christmas!

2014-12-24: Merry Christmas!!

2014-12-24: Waiting in line for groceries

2014-12-21: Check out these chocolate balls. #oreoballs

2014-12-20: Bacon and a biscuit

2014-12-16: Tasty latte. #therapy

2014-12-14: Cobblahs brook

2014-12-12: Flannel Friday

2014-12-10: Two trees. #reflection

2014-12-06: Trying to bring my childhood train back to life.

2014-12-03: Icy morning

2014-11-30: My submarine #Lego

2014-11-30: Headed into the big city

2014-11-28: Oh Christmas trees!

2014-11-27: Because you have to post pics like this on Thanksgiving

2014-11-26: First snow

2014-11-25: Replaced the battery and then headphone jack on my first iPod. 12 years later and it works with the …

2014-11-24: The sun returns

2014-11-23: Because there aren’t enough sunset pictures out there

2014-11-23: Icy leaves

2014-11-22: Another sunset

2014-11-20: Who said label printing software can’t be fun? #loftware #spectrum #face

2014-11-16: Leaf pile #selfie

2014-11-16: Gingerbread construction company muffins

2014-11-15: First attempt at #crepeart

2014-11-12: Yoga pose guy. #latteart

2014-11-11: Thankful for those who have served and are serving for our country. #nofilter

2014-11-10: Curls galore #spotthegrey

2014-11-09: Fresh guacamole

2014-11-03: Tis the season #gingerbreadlatte #redcup

2014-11-02: Breakers #nor’easter

2014-11-02: First snow

2014-11-01: Chilly November morning

2014-10-30: Time to suit up again tomorrow for Halloween getting the hair part done tonight. #straight #sorearms

2014-10-27: Not a huge Milky Way guy but the Caramel Apple version is GREAT!

2014-10-26: More Halloween fun

2014-10-26: Spooky Portsmouth

2014-10-25: Disco guy

2014-10-25: Forest stream

2014-10-25: Autumn leaves

2014-10-24: An E or a smile face. #latteart #fridaydessert

2014-10-24: Last bit of rain before the weekend

2014-10-22: Third car passing 100k

2014-10-19: Autumn hike

2014-10-18: Mandelbrot set (look it up). #latte art

2014-10-18: Spooky

2014-10-17: Probably the last day over 70 until next Spring

2014-10-17: It’s that time of year

2014-10-15: Foggy morning

2014-10-15: Foggy morning

2014-10-13: Burlington in fall

2014-10-13: Burlington in fall

2014-10-12: Welcome to the jungle

2014-10-12: Welcome to the jungle

2014-10-11: Autumn in Montreal

2014-10-11: Autumn in Montreal

2014-10-08: Well dressed Wednesday

2014-10-08: Well dressed Wednesday

2014-10-08: Stormy morning. Very Icelandic.

2014-10-06: The majestic eagle #latteart

2014-10-05: Mill waterfall

2014-10-04: Horsie

2014-10-04: Fried Twinkie

2014-10-04: Sand sculpture

2014-10-04: Tall ducks #topsfieldfair

2014-10-03: S’mores

2014-10-03: The sun has returned

2014-10-02: Lonely autumn tree

2014-10-01: Mango Chicken Naan pizza! Thanks for the recipe @shelikesruffles

2014-09-30: Lady in a chair #latteart

2014-09-29: Back to work

2014-09-28: Summer is in full swing again

2014-09-28: Autumn sunrise