To Bag Lunch Or Not To Bag Lunch

One of my resolutions has been to save money, so in the beginning I figured I would bring a bag lunch everyday. So on Sunday night I went to the store and bought groceries for the week. First I stopped by the deli counter to pick up some turkey, which now runs at about six dollars a pound. I bought a half pound of turkey and then decided to get Swiss cheese. I asked the man for the cheese and he asked if I wanted domestic Swiss cheese, which I didn’t really understand. Did he mean domestic as in from the US? Because to me that doesn’t make much sense. You should only be able to buy domestic swiss cheese in Switzerland. It’s like buying domestic french wine or a domestic Toyota, it makes no sense to me. The confusion didn’t end there, I asked for six or seven slices of swiss cheese and he began slicing. He threw the over sized sliced pieces, over sized in both thickness and overall surface area, on the scale. The total weight was two thirds of a pound. I didn’t want to admit my guffaw, so I just said it was fine. Now I have to eat swiss cheese sandwiches with a little bit of turkey. I bought some other lunch things like apples, cookies and granola bars. Next I decided to shop for dinner things, which for me is one of three things: macaroni and cheese, spaghettios or cajun chicken soup. I have been eating this way for months and it is getting very old, but since I never know where I will be for dinner I never buy stuff to make a good dinner. Not to mention the fact that all of the recipes I have make way too much food. I finally checked out and found I had spent $36.

Fast forward to yesterday morning when I put together my lunch at quarter to seven in the morning. It took me about five minutes to put everything together. I went to work and once lunch time came around grabbed my bag lunch and went with my friends. Of course none of them brought a lunch and instead went to Viga and bough $3.50 worth of the yummiest looking pasta. I sat there with my stupid sandwich trying to eat it slowly so I filled up quicker envying my companions. Only then did I officially conclude that I would save more money, time and effort by setting up a fixed budget of $20 a week for having lunch outside instead of bringing my lunch. Now I just have to get through the rest of my swiss cheese and it will be Jay-Bo and viga once again. Woohoo!!!!