Jackass Number 2 = Hilarious

Last night I met Scottie in Framingham to see the latest installation of the Jackass series and it was hilarious. I have a hard time remembering everything from the first movie, but I am going to have to say this topped, because I can’t remember a time I have laughed so hard at a movie. Of course not many will agree with the humor and not find it funny, but they are really missing out if they don’t go see this movie.

I have been completely engulfed in entertainment the last few weeks, since the new television season started. Once again I have to say the TiVo is an amazing device and is working better than I could have ever imagined. I have been able to see more shows than ever since I can now record two shows at a time. Of the new shows this year my favorites are Jericho (constantly keeps you wondering what happened to the US), Heroes (super powers are always cool) and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (witty dialogue West Wing style). The new shows I haven’t enjoyed are Tuesday Night Lights (although I have only seen the pilot) and Six Degrees (why do I care about these people and what is happening to them). The returning shows haven’t disappointed either, starting with a top notch premiere of Lost last night. The long unfolding dramas like Lost and Jericho are awesome, but get me so antsy for the next bit of information about the show. Its basically like watching a movie, but it is split up over 22 weeks.

Back to work.