Another Trip to the Doctors

Kaleb: Day 350

As I said before Kaleb had another cold, we seem to be on pace for one every month. Luckily this one lasted only five days instead of fifteen. The other difference was that this time he was tugging on his ears, so we thought he might have an ear infection. The doctor thought otherwise although my mom still has her suspicions. For now he seems to be in better spirits and his nose isn’t as runny as it had been.

On the bedroom front we do have a new difficulty with him though, now he likes to stand up in his crib. Now at first this is very cute, but it takes him forever to fall asleep. The other problem is when he finally does fall asleep it is usually in an odd position like a crumpled little pile, its very sad.

Kaleb had another first over the weekend, his first Patriots loss. It was a crazy game and as you probably know it was quite a disappointment. We had a small group of friends over for some pizza, nachos and ice cream sundaes. It was a nice evening and now we have a ton of extra food again.

We did a little bit of work on the house over the weekend. Originally we planned to strip the wallpaper in the bathroom upstairs, but once we peeled back the paper the underlying walls were a mess. So now we are going to tear down and then put up new sheet rock in our bathroom, with Jon’s help of course. We were lucky enough to have Jon over this weekend installing our dishwasher.

We had some other house problems on Saturday. I went down to the basement to see how it was fairing after the previous night’s rain and found about five inches of water. We had recently shut off the pump because the exhaust pipe was frozen and now I had to set up a separate pipe out the bulkhead. At first I didn’t fasten the pipe tight enough and it popped off causing a geyser of water to shoot out of the pump. Eventually I got everything worked out and the basement drained. As you would expect that isn’t the end of the story, the next morning I went down to check things out and there as just as much water, it seems that the bobber that tells the pump to start was stuck down so it didn’t run all night. It is now nicely settled in the hole and there haven’t been anymore problems. Tonight I actually bought an extension so the water wouldn’t be draining into the neighbors yard. So far so good.

Two more things, yesterday Kaleb and I went to lunch with Tammy and Lilli at Me and Ollie’s. I hadn’t seen Tammy in probably ten years, our parents were friends growing up and then we also were friends way back in the North Brook days. We all had a really great time and are looking forward to getting together again. Jennifer is especially excited to know somebody around our area with a small one.

Finally, work has been insane lately. We are nearing the end of our next release and I have been working night and day. Thankfully it looks like this will be my last project of this type and my work life will begin looking up. I am very excited because at this point I am working myself into the ground.

Thats it for now. Hope all is well.