Perfect Sunday

All I can really say is WOW!! I think yesterday might have been the most picture perfect day I could possibly have imagined. It began lying in bed listening to Acoustic Sunrise on the radio. We slowly woke up and made our way over to Oh Natural for coffee and pastries. I had an Apple Strudel that was just delicious, my mocha was also very yummy with its hint of cinnamon. After eating, chatting and reading there for about an hour we went back home and packed up the car for a day at the beach. The sun was shining and the car was warm as we left Willow Ave with the sunroof wide open. Forty five minutes later we were in downtown Newburyport ordering lunch at Middle Street Cafe. We took the sandwiches and stowed them away for later. Once at the end of Plum Island I parked my car between two giant dump trucks and we walked out toward the jetty. It was a bit chilly in the wind, but we found a nice spot next to the jetty which was sheltered from the wind. We just sat there in the sun for a while and me being the antsy creature that I am grabbed my new book and started reading. An hour or so later we stopped to eat our lunch. We had also packed some fruit which made the picnic complete. After lunch there was some more reading before we started planning our vacation next week. It was just beautiful out, sunny, warm and muffled waves crashing behind us. We finally walked back to the car and then drove along the river to Amesbury. It was a perfect day for a drive. After briefly stopping at my mom’s house we grabbed an ice cream at Hodgies before heading back towards Danvers where we needed to do a little shopping. It was such a picture perfect day and something I am looking forward to in the coming months. Yay for SPRING!!!!

Saturday at Sunday River

Some ski videos:
Mark on Caramba
Keegan on Caramba
Mark on 3-D
Keegan on 3-D
Mark on 3-D