Three Dreams

Three strange dreams last night. I think all of the shows on television may be impacting them.

First I dreamed Jennifer and I were driving in the car and this guy in a truck in front of us started shooting at us. We slowed down and he continued to aim at us so he was obviously trying to hit us.

The second dream involved me in a detective role and I was working with a psychic to solve a crime. A woman had been hurt and we finally proved it was these two brothers. In the meantime the brothers were trying to track me down and they nearly found me before the psychic solved the crime. They were comically stupid and I was not only able to subdue the really stupid one, but I also avoided gun fire from the other brother. My dream even had the slow motion bullet action of similar to the thing in the Matrix.

My final dream was the strangest of all three. It involved BoCaNO. We were all rich, but being blackmailed by a bad guy. He would say he was going to do something bad to one of our relatives if we didn’t give him a million dollars. Thankfully we were smart and figured out what the blackmailers were going to do and went on missions to stop the bad guys. On one such mission they were going to steal a diamond from somebody so for some reason we order a Wookie. He came in a crate and we unscrewed it, but right as the last screw was undone these women came in and had t-shirts similar to Hooter’s but instead they said Babe’s. Anyway Andy became distracted by the women and the Wookie escaped. A couple of us set out to find him and I immediately decided a Wookie would go to McDonalds if he escaped. However when we went there the Wookie wasn’t there. So in an effort to catch him we went to a restaurant and made it look like a McDonald’s. After setting it up I woke up so I don’t know if the Wookie was ever caught.