A Herd Of Camels Resting

It was another beautiful weekend up at Sunday River. It was sunny and warm both days although due to lack of wind yesterday it was certainly the better of the two days. We had Aldis, Jason and TJ up this weekend and it certainly made the weekend that much better. Saturday night we went out to the Phoenix after skiing. I really love going there for Apres ski. For dinner we stayed in and made a lasagna and played board games. Sunday morning we all woke up and made breakfast together and just had a lovely time. The skiing was fantastic with soft spring like conditions all over the mountain. I actually skied without my backpack yesterday and forgot how great it felt to hit the bumps. Now I have a sunburn on my face and it really smarts. I need to remember to wear sunscreen next week.

Here are a couple movies we made yesterday:
Keeg on Lost Princess
TJ on Lost Princess
Mark on Northern Exposure
TJ on Northern Exposure
Mark and TJ in the Enchanted Forest
Mark and TJ on the way to 3D
Mark on 3D
TJ on 3D
Mark on 3D
Mark, TJ, Kate and Doug on 3D

Looks like a long weekend coming up since I have Good Friday off. I hope the weather stays nice.
10 days until we start moving in!!!

Here is a link to the new single American Baby from the Dave Matthews Band.