Three is a Magic Number

Kaleb: Day Sixteen
Sorry I haven’t put any photos up recently, but I have been at the hospital which means I am away from an internet connection. So the photos you see by clicking on the link include a few days worth. You can see from the photos that Kaleb has many visitors in the past few days and even more that were camera shy. My dad, Anne, Auntie M, Uncle Brennie, Auntie Babe, Cara, Jeff and Jeny. He has been in different states of preparedness for these visitors and while some have been able to hold him others only got to see him sleep.

Let’s see what to say about his progress, well he is definitely done with the nose tube and actually had 24 hours of successful feeding. In order to go home he has to have 48 hours in a row, so we are definitely working towards that goal. Besides that everything is on pace for him to now come home on Tuesday. Of course this assumes everything continues as it has been for the last two weeks. He gained another twenty grams today and now weighs 3lbs 13.5oz. I actually got Jennifer out of the hospital during daylight hours today for some last minute supplies, such as diapers, wipes, formula powder, a humidifier, an additional car seat base and a diaper bag. We seem to have everything we need for his arrival. This morning I rearranged our room and set up the travel bassinet we received from Matt. He was supposed to get a family heirloom cradle, but it needs to be repaired and won’t be ready in time for his arrival. We also discussed getting a brand new one, but at this point it seems like a waste, consider he sleeps in a plastic tub now and seems to do okay.

Tomorrow is the big circumcision around 8:30am, but he should be back in time for his 9am feeding, hopefully he won’t be too traumatized to eat. Only a few days to go!!!