Yes the week is nearly over, which is quite exciting. I have noticed my most recent entries have been rather scatterbrained and not very topical, but that is good I guess it probably sums up my life lately. Last night I was able to get out of work early, so early I actually had to where sunglasses on the drive home. I finally replaced my broken headlight. It was difficult and took me about five minutes to do in the Wal-Mart parking lot, but once I figured it out I was very proud of myself. The next stop was the Bury to get some money at the bank and to pick up my DMB calendar I had ordered in the mail. Dinner last night consisted of Stop & Shop macaroni and chees with three sliced up hot dogs. Yeah it sounds gross but it was very yummy!

Other stuff I thought of while commuting.
- I think it is funny how people with iPods are kind of a little community and when you see somebody with one there is a commonality. However, the irony is that while they do create community they prevent it since when you see somebody with an iPod you can’t really talk to them because they are listening to music. Kinda strange.

-There are warning signs on the ceiling of North Station out by the trains saying “Danger do not walk on the ceiling” How many spider people are walking around on the ceiling of North Station.

-Starbucks has a warning on their straws which says,“Not recommended for hot beverages” I thought it was a pretty good idea which led me to another thought. Why do we blow on a hot beverage before we sip it, I agree it is cooling the stuff but probably not the part you are about to sip and I bet it doesn’t make that much difference. I can see if it is on a spoon because there is less of it but not when it is a mug full of hot coffee.

-Finally at work we are allowed to where jumpers, they are on the qualified dress code. After much research we were able to get a picture of one on line. See if you can find one.

Have a great weekend!!!