Dress Up Day

Some important people from our client are coming to visit us at work today so we have all been asked to dress up. It is more like an anti-jeans day, which is going to be hilarious considering the less than polished crowd I work with. I am hoping to take some nice pictures and will hopefully have them on shutterfly by this afternoon. I did forget my cable at home to connect my camera to the computer which is kind of irritating, but I might buy a memory stick reader at Radio Shack so I don’t have to bring the cable back and forth. We also had to clean our desks for the big visit today, and I made collage of sorts by placing all of my pictures onto a manila folder, so I would only need two push pins to keep them on my cube wall. My stepfather laughed when I told him this because he always gets a kick out of the stuff I do at work and still make money.

I know my job involves working with computers, but I am seriously frustrated by them sometimes. For instance we have a wireless network set up at home, but for some reason my computer sees it, but won’t connect to the internet. For once can’t my computer work like it is supposed to. The same problem has happened at Britt’s house, I have tried everything. Ah it drives me crazy!!!!

Yesterday’s Pictures

Question of the Day #3
If you could meet anybody on the planet who would it be?