Welcome Home, Kaleb

Kaleb: Day Twenty One

Saturday morning we called bright and early and found out that Kaleb would finally be able to come home. It was such a bright sunny and warm day, a much more perfect day for his homecoming. Before driving to the hospital we did make one last trip to the store for milk, corn oil and detergent. It was our last true outing as just the two of us, I mean yes Kaleb has been here for three weeks now, but we have still been able to carry on with life as before. The fact that our last outing as just the two of us occurred at the same place as our first outing together two years and 8 months earlier seemed rather poetic. Crazy!!!

We drove in around eight, had one last feeding at the hospital and then after a quick exam by the doctor we made our way out of the hospital. The only hitch was that we had to wait for a volunteer to walk us down, so they wouldn’t think we were stealing a baby. Finally after about ten minutes of impatient waiting she showed up and walked us down to the car. The sunlight was bright on his eyes, and he had to squint, but I think he enjoyed his first breaths of fresh air. The ride home was rather uneventful, which is what we were hoping for and in no time we were in the house with the baby. It was such a surreal feeling and only now is it truly beginning to sink in that we this little person we have to take care of all the time, for at least the next two decades.

The day went very well although it didn’t take long for him to go off of the schedule he had been on at the hospital. I modified a CaseNET installation for the purpose of tracking Kaleb’s feedings, diaper changes, measurements and doctors appointments. I am not sure whether Kaleb is going to appreciate the fact that I am recording nearly every moment of his life, but I think I would love to have a record of when I was that small. Nonna and Sir came over in the afternoon, to visit, which was really nice. They hung around for a couple hours and then we were on our own again. We decided to try and split up the night between the two of us, so we could get some rest. Jennifer decided to sleep first, so I watched Kaleb while watching Die Hard 3. Around eleven we switched and I went to sleep for a few hours, before Jennifer joined me in bed. The three of us then slept for an hour together, before Kaleb got all squirmy and I took him in to the living room for an hour. I then attempted to feed him a bottle, but he was just not having it. He is super hard to burp because he curls up into a little hedgehog ball.

Overall the night was okay, we both got about four hours of sleep, which is nothing to write home about. I think the biggest hurdle to overcome is sleeping while he is sleeping. I am sure it is going to take a while to accept the fact that he is going to be fine and nothing bad is going to happen. I guess it is something we will learn. The bottom line is that its going to be a long week, but I have no doubt we will make it through and somehow find a way to get some rest. Heck it is my vacation!!!