DMB Tweeter Center Night One

Okay if this sounds a little incoherent it is because I am very sleepy. I am going to leave out most of my day because it was just work and that is boring. So I will start from when I left work and met Vanessa at Downtown Crossing. We had a little issue there, but we finally left and went to Quincy to get my car and picked Mark and Kate up at Mark’s house. They were great because they picked up beers, “Granny” cider, hot dogs, nachos and veggie burgers. The fun in the car then began, it took us a good solid hour to get to the Tweeter Center. We pulled into the lot and just realized how screwed we were going to be on the ride home. It took forever to get in there because the attendants have NO idea what they are doing. We finally parked and had a couple beers and cooked a couple of hot dogs, before rushing off to the show. Vanessa and I said farewell to Mark and Kate and went to our seats, and our timing could not be more perfect. As we got to our seats the lights went off and the band took to the stage.

The show started off slowly, but towards the end of the set they really poured it on with Cry Freedom, Dancing Nancies and Typical Situation. They were excellent and made the evening. We saw many classic people but I can’t seem to remember them, perhaps because there were too many to mention. We left the show and met Mark and Kate out by the car, where we once again cooked up some food. The line leaving the parking lot was extremely long and we knew it would take forever to get out of there. After two hours of hanging out the line was at a point where I felt comfortable trying to get out of there. It was relatively smooth sailing and I was home by 2:00.

Sorry about my lack of decent show detail, but I really can’t think right now, plus the expenses are calling me. So excited about another show tonight, plus I brought my guitar this time.