Sick Again

Kaleb has caught another cold and it has been a long miserable week. Jennifer is also sick and that combined with Kaleb’s sickness has really made for some long nights. We have found the three most useful items are an aspirator, Ocean drops and baby tylenol. There really isn’t much you can do with babies with regards to cough medicine and they don’t quite understand blowing their nose or clearing their throats. He does seem to be feeling better this morning, which is hopefully a trend.

In other news we are now in February and it is only 16 days until he turns one. Its amazing how time has flown by and how big he has grown over the last year. He has really stepped up over the last few weeks and really turned into a little boy. From the pointing at things by command “Where are the birdies?” to the climbing up the stairs. We still haven’t planned his birthday, but it will probably be something small involving cake and pizza.