Back to Back Entries. Can You Believe It?

So yeah I am breaking the mold today and doing another entry. Unfortunately I am not including any pictures for today’s entry either, this is very ground breaking. I just had to share something that made me laugh on the way back from getting a bagel this morning. Now I don’t know why I find it funny and really it is just wrong, but comedy is a strange thing. I was walking down Summer Street and saw a mysterious substance on the ground, it had a texture somewhere between iced coffee and oatmeal. My first thought was how Mark would look down at it, frown in a disgusted sort of way and then avoid it all costs. Thinking further I though how if he had been there it would have been funny if I saw it ahead of time and had pushed him just enough to actually step in it. Of course he would not have found that funny and would probably have been less than happy with me. On top of that I could only imagine what would happen to the messed shoe afterwards. Would it be completely abandoned in a trash bin somewhere (not the kitchen trash bin thought)? Or just scrubbed clean with some powerful anti bacterial cleaner? Okay that is my thought. Isn’t my mind just messed up?