Lights Out!!

We went old skool at home last night as in mid 1800’s old skool, because we were without power. A big storm passed through the ‘Bury last night around 7:30 and knocked out power for almost five hours. I came home from my gym and Brendan was using his laptop at the counter with three candles of various shapes burning. I quickly ran upstairs to grab my headlamp and came back downstairs to find something to do. I narrowed it down to reading or playing the guitar and of course chose the latter. The power finally came back up at midnight, but I just slept through it. You never realize how important power is until you don’t have it.

Funny commuter observations:
X-Terra obsessed guy - I see him almost everyday and if I don’t see him is X-Terra is there. He usually sits in the car for a half hour and then the obsessive compulsive disorder kicks in. He gets out of the car and checks every door, not only whether they are locked but also whether the windows are closed. He puts the sun shield in the windshield and also folds in the mirrors. Wow, and I thought I was bad.

Security guy with Mag-Lite On - I was standing on the platform and noticed a security guard, not working, but on his way to work. He had a uniform with the “Security” logo printed on it, but the funny part was that he had somehow turned the flashlight attached to his belt on. I decided to keep my mouth shut, but seriously if he can’t even use his flashlight correctly, how can he make a place secure.

Loud Music Listener - Everybody has seen or rather heard them on the T, they are the people with their headphones turned up to maximum volume so the entire car can hear. One guy was actually on the train last night and again this morning, both times he was listening to the same Red Hot Chili Peppers song. Dude try listening to a different artist on a different day, what a dork!

Have a good one. Only one more day of humidity and then we will be blessed with some nice dry heat, as in 90 degrees hot. Out of the steam room and into the sauna. Change is good, right?