Mark Danced: The Bocs Moshed

I am tired and don’t have time for details but I will put in my top ten memorable moments from the weekend.
10. Seeing a moose in the road on the way up to Bethel on Friday.
9. Seeing the sketchiest movie scene ever in Jacob’s Ladder thanks to OJ.
8. Taking care of a work problem from my car just North of Portland, ME.
7. Seeing Glen Plake the world famous skier.
6. Losing my keys on Saturday night only to find out my mom had them.
5. Helping a damsel in distress on Obsession.
4. Watching the Pats win the AFC Championship, with my friends at the Well.
3. Apple Crisp all around at the Cheesecake Factory.
2. Cute younger girl at the Griz.
1. Mark dancing.

Sunday River Weekend
Cheesecake Factory with Collage Kids

I hope you all enjoy the pictures. Its a nice four day work week, too bad it is going to be below ten degrees up in Maine this weekend. Anybody back in Mass want to hang out or go see a movie?