Where to start?

Its going to be another one of those weekend breakdowns, but I will try to make it short. Friday night Mark, Kate and I went to the Fleet Center to check out the “Protest Pen”. Here are the pictures from the DNC. It was interesting to see the security. I was actually down there again today and it was crazy. They have put up six foot crowd control barriers along Causeway street and there are soldiers everywhere guarding Boston. If you ride the orange line through North Station there is acutally a guy with a machine gun in the station even though it is closed. It is going to be insane down there this week.

After spending the night on Friday Mark, Kate and I got in our cars in the rain and drove north. Luckily as soon as we entered NH the rain stopped and by the time we go to the trailhead the sun was out. We went up to climb Mt. Tecumseh aka Waterville Valley. It just barely qualifies for the 4000 footer club at 4003 feet, but it does and it had to be done. It didn’t take us long to get to the top, the view was eh. Here are some pictures if you want to see for yourself. Mt. Tecumseh

I wasn’t able to go to Plymouth today, but my catching the fish last week may actually have broken the curse for Mark’s sailing. Today in the race he finished in first place. Apparently there was actually wind and it helped him get the blue flag. I wish I didn’t have to move next weekend because I would be down on the pond in a second. Here are some photos of the PSeed victory

One other thing I wanted to add is one of my favorite new reality shows. It is called “Wanna Come In?”. Basically, they take two studs and two duds. The show opens with the studs meeting the duds and they watch a video of the girl the duds will be going on a date with that night. The studs coach them through the call and then help them pick out clothes. Once in the limo the duds get ear pieces and go to the date. While on the date the studs are in constant communication telling them what to say and what to do. To spice things up the duds have to complete certain tasks during the dinner some examples were getting the date to race and see who could finish their water first, get the girls to give a high five or have the girl tell them their favorite place to be kissed besides on the lips. Once the date is over the dud drops off the girl and if she asks him to come inside he and the stud win money, otherwise they lose. The show is hilarious, perhaps I can relate because I am in the dating scene and I am more of a dud then a stud. I think I do better than some of these duds though, so I guess I am somewhere in between the two. Check this show out if you get the chance its a laugher.