Seven Months Old

Today marked seven months since Kaleb was born. We don’t have exact numbers, but he weighs somewhere around 14 lbs and is about 25” tall. He has adjusted fairly well to Jennifer’s return to work and is warming up to Gunnie. He is now eating solid food twice daily and has really expanded his repertoire to now include prunes, apricots, peaches, carrots, pears, applesauce, green beans, peas and sweet peas. He still doesn’t like tummy time and usually cries after just a few minutes of it and so as a result hasn’t had any success crawling. However, he does really like standing up and does a great job of walking if you hold his hands. We have been somewhat weak parents lately in that he spends half of the night in bed with us. It really just comes down to sleep deprivation and by having him in the bed, Jennifer can easily just feed him and he falls back to sleep on his own as opposed to having to rock him and spend an hour trying to get him back to sleep. The important thing is that he does start in his crib and spends some of the night there, if he could just learn to sleep longer we wouldn’t have a problem.

Anyway that is it for now. Happy Seven Months little man!!!