Kaleb's First Steps

On Wednesday afternoon Jennifer called to me from the living room and said that Kaleb took his first step. He had been holding on to the table and took a single step without using his hands over to the chair. Of course after that we couldn’t get him to do anything more than that. Then yesterday my mom said he was standing by the bottom of the stairs at her house and all of a sudden he took a bunch of steps and walked over to the front door. Again no cameras were around so I don’t have anything to show for that.

Once Jennifer picked him up and brought him home he really had no interest in walking, mostly because he was so tired and wanted to sleep. Today my mom was watching him and he did lots of short little walks throughout the day. So tonight we went into the living room to see if we could get a little bit of him walking on camera. It only required a little bribing, but he kept taking turns walking back and forth between Jennifer and me. I was able to get a couple short clips and have now posted them on YouTube for all the world to see. We are all very excited about this and know it is only a matter of time before he leaves crawling behind for good.