And on the second day...

Hello again,

I just got back after the day two and everything is still going very well. I took some more photos and even got some video today. I have uploaded the photos, but the video will have to wait until tomorrow. Jennifer changed Kaleb’s diaper today for the first time. The NICU staff has been really great and they have let her change the diapers if she is there and also has been taking Kaleb’s temperature. Jennifer also got to hold the baby quite a bit today and at the eight o’clock feeding she was able to hold him for over an hour. Besides that Kaleb had a great day and got to meet some grandparents today and got to see his Auntie M again. Jennifer is feeling great and is looking wonderful. Tomorrow is her last full day in the hospital before
being discharged on Tuesday, after that we still need to work out the schedule of when we will be visiting Kaleb.

Kaleb Day Two

I guess that is all for now. This will be the last email about Kaleb, but if you want more photos as they come available and the video, you can go to . Hopefully I will get to post photos at the end of each day.