First Snow, okay it was more like the first flurry

Despite the fact that you can’t see the flurries in the picture we definitely had some today. Apparently out in western Massachusetts they received up to an inch of snow, which is strange because on this day last year we also received snow. It is kind of exciting to think that winter is right around the corner, but at the same time I am not taking this cold raw weather very well. I have a request, in an effort to make life easier and better for everybody when you go to the slideshow could you please sign up for an Ofoto account. It won’t cost you anything and even if you don’t plan on storing pictures you will have access to all of the slideshows you view that have been shared by me or anybody else. It keeps track of all shared albums you have accessed under your username. After today I will set up any slideshows to require sign in.

Last night we had BoCaNO at the Sevens and it was good, pretty par for the course; I might need to miss a couple of weeks to make it fresher. I got home and watched Fraternity Life on MTV, which just had me glued to the TV. One of the pledges started the night making out with this one girl(Sharie) and then saw another girl (Lauren) and quickly moved to her. However, Sharie was a PSYCHO and kept pestering him while he was trying to hook up with Lauren. He ended up sleeping with Lauren, but not after Sharie came in while they were in bed together and told him to go to hell. Sharie came back again in the morning and gave Slater a hard time again and he told her she was banned from the house. Ha, classic TV. The next show on was called Room Raiders, where a guy goes into three girls rooms and looks everything over, including underwear drawers, hampers, closets and anything else in their room. He then decides which one he wants to date based on her room. It’s quite amusing and thankfully the guy was a comedian and made it extremely funny. My one issue was how one of the girls was 18 and he was 24, strangely enough he picked her.

We had a fire drill at work yesterday and I decided to document it with my camera. Hey you have to spice things up somehow, once we got back inside I made a little slideshow and lucky for you I have put it out onto the internet. Fire Drill Pictures with captions