I just couldn't wait for this

We came across a really fun thing at work today. It is a feature on the Bud Light web site. We played around with it a bit at work today, but tonight I decided to do it for a bunch of LJ readers. Basically, you go to the site and upload a picture, after a few rather simple steps you can type dialogue for the face and it will speak the dialogue. If you don’t laugh after seeing at least one of these, you really need to get a sense of humor.

Simple directions: Click on a link below, once the website loads, click on the window with the outline of a head in it. The first time it will tell you to download some software (it takes ten seconds maybe), click okay and then click agree. After that just click play and enjoy.
Suha’s sandwich

My Favorite Young Vanessa
Well that is it for now. I may or not have a question of the day tomorrow due to the weird timing of this entry and because I don’t want people to miss this one. Please if you ever follow one link on my stupid LJ, YOU MUST check these out. If for some reason they don’t work email or something, I promise it is worth it.

K. Willis