Boston Bound

Kaleb Day 76

Mr. Kaleb was lucky enough to travel into the city on this lovely day with his mother. They made a stop for lunch at Finagle a Bagel, which was later confirmed by the presence of a sesame seed in his diaper. After lunch they went to Border’s bookstore, H&M and finally visited Auntie Em at Skinner. Apparently the little man was a big hit there and everybody loved him.

Once back at home the big agenda item tonight was to work on cleaning up his “cradle cap”. So we put him in his bath without water and lathered his head with mineral oil. Afterwards we did the bath thing, which again went well and now he has been asleep for a couple hours. He’s such a good kid.

Now for whats going on in the rest of my life. I went to work today and already had three meeting lined up, I am definitely at the point where I am spending more time in meetings than I am coding. I guess I am okay with this, but I am not really sure what I want at this point. Currently I am faced with a pretty solid Java project, but I am really not too excited about starting it. I don’t know if I am not interested because I am out of practice or if it just isn’t my deal anymore. It does seem that coding doesn’t involve enough human interaction for my tastes, I mean if you meet me can you imagine me just sitting at a desk and not talking for eight hours. There is certainly part of me that can ADD and focus on something for hours at a time, but there is also a huge part of me that loves interacting with people and helping people solve problems, maybe my mom wasn’t so far off when she said I should have been a teacher. The coming months will probably be huge for me and help define the role I take within CaseNET, whether I start focusing more on project management or whether I get back into coding. Only time will tell.