Last Free Weekend

Saturday marked the last weekend day until the first week in August that we didn’t have anything in particular planned. Since I had seen a movie in as long as I can remember I went in to Boston and saw the latest Die Hard movie. I have to admit I am such a huge fan of the entire franchise, it is the perfect mix of humor and action. Of course this installment didn’t disappoint and I left satisfied. Once back home I ended up working for most of the evening, but the good news is that I made some great progress.

This morning I spent some of the morning with Kaleb, before walking up to True Grounds for breakfast. I enjoyed a scone and a nice mocha while doing some more work. I took another short break from work and went for a walk with the family. I then did some more work before we piled in to the car and went up to Winchester Hospital for a little reunion. We really had a great time there. I have been helping out with a google group for parents in the Special Care Nursery, which will hopefully get some use soon.

Its getting late so I am going to close this up now. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, which certainly caps off a crazy year. In honor of the day we are going to dinner in the North End at Bricco. We are both very excited to eat some amazing food.