Too Busy 'til Now

Many of you know this weekend was mostly spent in the city hanging out with the girls from 100 Beacon and their visitors. Basically what this involved was lots and lots of walking along with lots of eating at various locales in the Hub. Vanessa and I met Lauren and Lindsay at the airport on Thursday morning before I went to work. A huge bunch of us went to Border Cafe that night, especially because of the santas all eating fajitas (photos to be provided soon). Friday night we went to the Kinsale for some very good Irish cuisine, followed by a trip to 100 Beacon Street (photos to be provided soon). Saturday was quite fun, NOT!! I had to sit inside all day long waiting for the cable guy to make install my new digital cable box. He showed up twenty minutes after the 1-3 window I had been given, but no harm no foul. So now I have digital cable and internet, which also means I have less money. I then went to pick up a wireless router at Best Buy before going into the city for dinner with everybody.

We walked in the cold to Chilli Duck on Boylston near the Pru. It was a quaint Thai restaurant, I had their signature dish, Chilli Duck and thought it was okay, except very strange to eat. I periodically went outside to get pictures of the lunar eclipse. My Attempt at Moon Photos I found it to be rather anti-climactic, I am not sure I will go out of my way to catch the next one in six months. Following Chilli Duck we went to see an accapella performance over in Harvard Square. The show was good and there were definitely some interesting people there, Cambridge never fails to provide plenty of classic people, like the waitress who cursed at the bartender and then on the next walk by called one of the girls a Biatch. Haha it was funny. Of course as always I left relatively early and went back home to sleep through Dave Matthews on SNL. It happens every time. Yesterday I had to go home and do laundry, which was as fun as ever. After being there for about an hour a fire broke out in Newburyport and I went over there to take pictures. The fire department did a great job, because by the time I got there it was pretty much out, but I got some decent pictures all the same. Merrimack Street Fire Slideshow
I finished my laundry packed up a bunch of stuff and went back into the city to drop off some stuff including a plastic lawn ornament Santa Claus for Britt. I drove around the Common forever before finding a parking space and then had to carry the Santa through the streets of Boston. I should mention I did see Amy walking around while looking for a space, I almost didn’t recognize her with the straight hair. For the rest of the afternoon Britt and I did some good old fashioned cousinly bonding, she read while I went through all of the Emerson students iTunes libraries and played music. I was looking for a classic 80’s tune to cover on the guitar. Last year at Suds some kid got up on stage and played some old tune and the crowd just loved it unfortunately I can’t remember what song he played. A little help?? Vanessa came back from her meeting and we went to dinner in the North End. The food was excellent, I had the largest Chicken Parm I have ever had at Al Dente. We had some trouble with the bill. Two new pet peeves from this weekend, settling a group tab and how everybody asks what everybody else is getting before they order. Next and final stop appropriately was Finale. The dessert was great as can be seen in the slideshow above, the company was even greater. I parted ways with everybody and went back to Salem to battle with my computer, internet and wireless router.

So typically in my life whenever I try to do anything with technology I am usually missing one part that prevents me from getting it to work exactly how I want it too. For example, everything in my entertainment center uses RCA style cables except for my TV, so I can’t really set it up exactly how it should be set up. Another example, I wanted to install the new version of software in my iPod, but my computer didn’t have the correct service pack and it didn’t work. My internet looked like it my be the same way, but I might be okay. After wokring on it for two hours last night I gave up, because for some reason my laptop’s battery can’t hold a charge for more than ten minutes. Now this would be fine if I could leave it in the dock, but unfortunately have to bring it over to my television to set it up for the first time. So basically I had to set some of it up, plug it back in and finally when I was almost there, the stupid thing dies again. I gave up went to bed and with the twenty minutes I am allotted in the morning actually got it working. The only thing left is to get the wireless router set up and I will be on my way to LJ updates at home instead of them taking up half of my work day.

The weekend was great, busy and exhausting, but still great. It was great to see Lauren and Lindsay again. It feels strange that I have only met them in person once this summer down in Florida, it seems like I hung out with them more. Weird how things work in this new internet wired world, gotta love IM and LJ’s, they connect you to a group of people you may never have known otherwise. It was also good to finally meet Ben and Chris, who were also up visiting from Florida, I had heard there names a lot, but Putting Names To Faces = Always Good. They were definitely on a mission to see Boston, all of Boston before leaving, and from the plan they were talking about yesterday I think they are actually see almost everything. Heck they already saw the self cleaning toilet in action, they didn’t actually use it, but put a quarter in anyway to see what it did. Who does that?

The weekend officially put an end to the skiing off-season which officially ended at Killington at noon today. Sunday River will be following suit this Friday. They have been making snow all weekend long and will probably have a handful of trails open for the weekend. Hmmmmm, Friday, maybe I’ll, no I couldn’t, well I do have mom’s car and I will need a head start on the rest of the crew….