The Best CD Ever (except for your choices)

Hi everybody,

It is finally time to make the CD we have always talked about at BoCaNO. For those of you not familiar with the CD I am speaking of here is a little background…

One night many years ago there was a discussion about songs that remind people of a bad time, person, situation or moment in your past. Now those songs could be songs that remind you of a past relationship, or that remind you of a shitty time in your life, or even songs that you used to love, but can’t stand now. The theory is that most likely since you did like those songs at one time they are pretty good songs, but eventually you soured of them. Now if you took one or two of these songs from each person and put them on to a CD it would turn out to be a really good disc with the exception of the songs you contributed. We have talked about this CD in BoCaNO for years and I think it is time to actually make this dream a reality.

So think of one or two songs you used to throw down the windows and crank up the volume for, but now would rather just roll down the windows and throw out the radio.

Post a comment below for your choices.


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