It’s about time I got this email from my boss, too bad I had to actually go and argue for it.
I am pleased to announce that Keegan Sands has been promoted to the position of Application Developer 2 in the MFS Fund Group.

Keegan joined the MFS Group in November 1999 as a Fund Accountant and quickly grasped the daily responsibilities of the FA role. While in the FA role, Keegan began to develop simple macros that interfaced with MCH and assisted him and his FA Group in completing some of their daily tasks. His initiative to leverage technology in a useful and meaningful way helped him get promoted to a Technology Analyst 1 in July of 2000.

As a TA1, Keegan worked hard to improve his technical skills by researching different coding techniques that could be utilized in the MFS Fund Group. He used his acquired technical skills and business background to build more complex macros that the MFS Fund Group readily embraced. Keegan always took care to build macros that meet the user requirements and were user friendly. During this time, Keegan also spearheaded the effort to move the MFS Fund Group from Excel based macros to Access based applications.

In November 2001, Keegan was promoted to a Technical Analyst 2. As a TA2, Keegan continued to expand his technical and business knowledge in an effort to make the MFS Fund Group as efficient and productive as possible. He personally developed many of the integral Access applications that the MFS fund group uses on a daily and has modified many of the others.

Keegan has been and is one of the driving forces behind most of the forward progress the MFS fund group makes in terms of technology and new ideas that help make the MFS Fund Group successful. Aside from his technical and business capabilities, Keegan is a pleasure to work with. He is a team player and is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Keegan is especially effective in time-critical situations, remaining cool, calm and collective.

I value Keegan´┐Żs past contributions and look forward to his participation in future endeavors that the MFS Fund Group decides to work on. Please join me in congratulating Keegan on his promotion.