My First Bottle

Kaleb: Day Six

Yep that’s right Kaleb had his first bottle today. He only had the equivalent of two teaspoons, but it is a start. He is still under the lights, but even that was lowered to just one light. The other milestone today was the removal of his IV, which freed up his left arm. He also had an ultrasound on his head today because they were concerned about his squished head. The test results came back and there weren’t any issues. I know the good news just keeps flowing. The final huge piece of good news was that he is getting transferred to Winchester Hospital tomorrow. We originally planned to get him sent back to Mount Auburn, but the nurses have been ranting and raving about Winchester. It apparently has a great level 2 nursery and is a lot better than the Mount Auburn nursery. Sorry I didn’t take more photos today, but I spent most of the time taking video today. I am still having trouble downloading the video to the computer, but once I get it working I will be sure to upload it to one of the various video websites.

Here’s a fun added bonus. Every Sunday night starting on September 24 (Week 13), we took Jennifer’s measurements and took a photo of her to document the growth of her belly.

Jennifer’s Growing Belly