Another Great Night

Many of you know tonight I went to see Dave at the Fleet Center with his friends, I didn’t go with his friends, but they performed with him. Mark and I had some front row seats which was pretty sweet. After meeting some friends for a couple drinks before the show I was able to sneak my camera in by disguising it in my pocket as a cell phone. Once we got to our seats we were pretty excited since they were better than about 18000 other people’s seats. The show began and I started snapping away because everybody around me was also taking pictures. After eleven pictures a security guy came over and made me give him my battery so I was out of luck. I didn’t really care because I knew it was a risk I was taking. Bottom line is I am not trying that stunt again besides the cost of the battery, which thankfully I had an extra of, the pictures just come out shitty. I did enjoy the rest of the show, with some highlights being Some Devil and a Trey and Dave acoustic duet on both Everyday and Waste. I don’t have much more to say about the show partly because it is 1:30 in the morning.

Tomorrow night is going to be another late one since I will probably be going to the Celtics game. I probably shouldn’t seeing as I have some more Christmas present activities to do, but you only live once right.

Have a great night y’all. By the way tonight was my 40th show I guess the big Four-One will have to wait until next year.