Longing for work

I guess I have to do some catsup here since I missed a day. Quick recap of BoCaNO. We went to The Field in Cambridge and I must say it was rather disappointing for just two reasons:
1) There are no tabs, you pay as you go, which is fine by yourself or with a couple of people, but when ordering in a large group it gets confusing.
2) No food is served after 2:30, so you can’t eat there, apparently the food is good, but I may never know.
We made the most of it and afterwards a few of us went for dinner at the Phoenix Landing. The food was great, with many things to choose from and rather reasonable prices. I would indulge more, but we need to keep focused, click on the picture for a BoCaNO slideshow.

Yesterday, I had to take the day off for a doctor’s appointment to finally get the lowdown on exactly what is up with my knee. I went to the doctor around 11:35 for my 11:45 appointment and finally saw him at 12:25, but thats okay. He started off by reading a technical document to me, which meant absolutely nothing, similar to when the auto mechanic tells you the exact problem with your car and you just nod and say okay do whatever you need to do to make it work. Some of you may know that at the sight of my own blood I get light headed and have been known to nearly pass out. I learned yesterday the same symptoms occur when looking at MRI’s of my knee. As the doctor started showing me the MRI scans gradually became more and more light headed, to make it worse he had about ten of the damn things. Halfway through I had to sit down and breathe, I didn’t mention anything to the doctor though it was probably obvious to him, I am sure I was as pale as a ghost. He then asked me to sit down and I misinterpreted that as lie down, which I would have been all to happy to do. At some point I got a nice cold sweat and became relaxed, very strange. The bottom line was I severely bruised the bones in my knee, and was lucky not to have broken it. My ACL and MCL are just fine (PHEW!!) and my treatment is to go easy on my leg for the next couple months. Thank goodness, skiing crisis diverted!!

The doctor was certainly the only good thing to come from yesterday, at one point I wished I had just gone to work. Here are the top five things that annoyed me yesterday:
5) The humid weather, it is just annoying and makes me feel so uncomfortable and depressed.
4) I realized I lost my sunglasses, which I have owned for four years. Not so much upset because of sentimental value, but because I HATE when I lose something. Because if I lost something I made a mistake, which is UNACCEPTABLE.
3) The internet not working on my laptop and the fact that I have to wait in line to use the computer on the counter. I love wireless networks, but keep coming to the same damn problem of Disconnected Network Cable, its wireless there isn’t a cable.
2) I can’t stand buying new clothing items for myself because I hate determining if it looks good on me or not. i.e. Hat shopping at lids and sunglasses. If there is some sort of list on why to have a girlfriend, help with shopping should be on it.
1) Lack of a life on weeknights or any night for that matter, after dinner I couldn’t find a thing to do, since I had been to the movies by myself (Finding Nemo, good film) already. Instead I sat in my room trying to get my internet to work, finally giving up and just lying there listening to music. How lame is that?
This summer sucks, I hate it!!