More nostalgia

I have now pulled myself away from these things long enough to make an entry about them. It has been a long time since I have seen one of these Magic Eye books. It took me a long time to actually learn how to see the pictures, but once you figure it out its like riding a bicycle, you never forget. For more images go to Google Images search for Magic Eye

only one more day left in the week after today i can’t wait for tomorrow since it is pay day and i am currently a little bit short on cash i am also thinking about going to see stuttering john and friends at the comedy connection this weekend either on friday or saturday i am looking for somebody to go with me though so if you are interested let me know artie lange live is going to be great and i am sure i will be laughing my ass off besides that this weekend will also involve hopefully my first soccer game on sunday i drove by the field last night and some people were playing a pick up game i didn’t join in because i am too shy to just walk up to people i don’t know to play soccer even though it seems like sports being an unspoken international language i could just hop on the field and given the same rules feel a part of the situation i won’t be so shy on sunday because i will have a team and be looking for a specific people ie my team the green team if sunday goes well i will hopefully join the pick up game next wednesday the people in the game seemed about my age which was good and there were a bunch of girls playing it would be pretty sweet to find a soccer playing girl and if she skis even better okay that is all of this oj style entry for now talk to you all soon

with love,
keegan willis sands