Notes for later

BoCaNO was good though I am still tired. Good BoCaNO turn out plus we met an old friend of the former Miss Cavicchi (sp?). Lots of DMB discussion it seems that everybody has been to at least one show, well except for Jen, hopefully that will change soon. It was nice to see all the different people there and how it feels like a different crowd then when I started a year ago. A funny thing happened when Mark, Clemence and I were waiting for the T. I was taking a picture of a random children’s sandal that was left in the subway (see the pictures) and a woman stopped and asked if I was actually taking picture of the shoe. She laughed and said, “Well you know what the french say [Insert French Phrase Here].” Now normally that would be a classic moment, but the best part was that Clemence was conveniently there and could translate it for us. Mark and I couldn’t stop laughing about it. I went to Wollaston to grab my car and finally headed back to Salem after the DMB mini-tour. I decided to try and take the Ted Williams Tunnel to Route 1A. Now it started off okay, but then I hopped on 107 because I know it ends up near my house. I hit so many damn traffic lights I was freaking out.

Conundrum of the day: Since the British drive on the left side of the road and the French drive on the right side of the road. What happens in the middle of the Chunnel? Do the cars just crash into each other? Or perhaps there is a giant interchange?