Hurt Seagull

I was strolling by the window at work yesterday and noticed a gull sitting out on the patio. I ran back to get my camera, because it seemed like a great photo opportunity. Apparently I didn’t need rush since the gull appeared to be injured and could not fly away. After a few more hours of hard work, I checked and he was still there, he would run along the ground attempt to fly and then just land. Now I was left with a dilemma, who do I call to help out this bird, building management, the police, animal control? We went to lunch and upon returning found the bird had somehow left our third floor patio. I don’t know how he flew or where he went, but hopefully he is now back with his family.

No entry would be complete without mentioning the weather, I have just had enough of this tropical stuff.
Top five reason why tropical weather is annoying:
5) Wet hiking boots won’t dry when left outside.
4) Getting stuck in the rain without a rain coat or umbrella (which btw I think are useless)
3) Tossing and turning on nights when the family decides to leave the AC off.
2) The climate of the car gets messed up i.e. windows fogging up, actually seeing the air coming out of the vents from the cold AC hitting the saturated air.
1) The meteorologists try to make light of it by cracking jokes or placing the individual letters H-U-M-I-D across each day of the forecast.

Ooh a very old skool entry today, now I am off to listen to the 37 versions of the Dave Matthews song #40, I just downloaded online.