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I will not be going to the dentist this morning to have my tooth removed. My dentist called in sick with the stomach flu, so now I will be having the extraction on Thursday. I am very thankful that the pain has subsided because it would be a long couple of days.

Here are some pictures I took on Sunday at the aquarium. I added some comments Jennie Caldwell style to make it a little more exciting. Aquarium Slideshow

Somerville Update:

So far living in Somerville has been great, a little hot, but still lots of fun. My stuff is all unpacked and my room is set up. My roommate Katja has been great, we hung out a little bit yesterday while unpcaking the kitchen. I also let her borrow a copy of my Dave & Tim Live at Luther College CD, because she had never heard of Dave Matthews before. I think it is the perfect starter for anybody. Surprisingly I have been playing my guitar a lot. Last night Mark came over and we sat out on the stoop. I brought the guitar and we just sat there for over an hour just talking and playing, it was very relaxing. Jen came over and the three of us went to the Burren for a little get together Andy had organized of the Somerville sect of BoCaNO. Kate showed up a little while after we got there and then not long afterwards Andy and Clemence arrived. Later on Dr. Mark made an appearance, making the entire Somerville sect present. It was a classic evening and since Jen wasn’t familiar with most of our odd BoCaNO stories, it was a good chance to go back and revisit some earlier discussions like the relationship hierarchy. I do have a habit I need to break though, well besides the one Mark pointed out, I need to stop looking at my watch and thinking about the train schedule. It was so nice to leave the bar and be home in just a few minutes. I am looking forward to more fun nights like this in the near future.

Have a great day,