Kaleb's First Train Ride

Yesterday I mentioned taking Kaleb into Boston on the commuter rail to get his birth certificate. So today we left the house around nine so we could catch the 9:36 train out of Newburyport. Kaleb fell asleep in the car so when we got to the station about twenty minutes early I decided it best to just sit in the car. About five minutes before when the train was supposed to arrive I woke him up and put him in his Baby Bjorn. We braved the wind and stood on the platform for five minutes before somebody said the train would be 20-30 minutes late. So we went back to the car and I let Kaleb play around in the front seat until we saw the train arrive 25 minutes later.

We ran to the train and found a nice three seater, Kaleb really seemed to like it because when he stood up he could just see out the window. Of course the outside only kept his attention for one or two stops. Our next set back was with the speed of the train, for some reason the train had to travel slowly for some reason and by the time we made it to Boston it had taken about an hour and a half. Fortunately for me Kaleb did very well and only was mildly irritated at being in one seat for over an hour.

I put him back in the Bjorn and we walked to Quincy Market so I could get money from an ATM. We walked through all the food places and came across Kaleb’s favorite place of the day, because of all the overhead fans. After getting money we walked over to City Hall only to find the Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate office is closed on Wednesday. I rolled with the punches and decide we would go to the Common so Kaleb could stretch his legs and crawl around.

Now I had my next dilemma, do we catch the 1:15 train back to Newburyport or wait for the 3:00 train. The 1:15 would have meant only a short break from the train before getting back on the train, but the 3:00 train would mean Kaleb could be completely exhausted and unwilling to deal with another train ride. I opted for the early train and we went to Boston Beer Works for lunch, it seemed to be the only place I could think of where I wouldn’t mind if he crawled on the floor. Of course he didn’t really eat any lunch and just threw stuff on the floor.

Just as we were leaving I smelled Kaleb’s diaper and was nearly knocked out by the smell. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to change him in the bathroom and decided my only option was to change him on the train. So once we found our seat I quickly took care of the stink. The ride home was shorter than the ride in, but Kaleb’s patience was also smaller. He never really cried or anything, just fussed a little bit. I did all I could to keep him entertained and I think it went as well as it could considering all the traveling we had done and the little sleep he had.

Once we got back to the car, he was unhappy to be there, but after about a minute he passed out asleep. Thus ending Kaleb’s first train ride.

Kaleb's First Train Ride