Career Discovery

I am sitting at my desk waiting for my second and final Career Discovery Workshop. In a few hours I will know what I should be doing here at State Street, which is a very exciting prospect. Chances are it will be a computer job of some sort. I’ll keep you all posted.

Last night I completed most of my Christmas shopping. Only a few more small gifts here and there and it will be in the books. Thankfully this year I didn’t even have to rely on a credit card either. Here’s to fighting credit card debt!!! Once again I did the Ofoto thing again, which makes my life a whole lot easier, plus people really enjoy there gifts. I don’t feel like I am ruining the surprise because this year there are a few new photo tricks up my sleeve. You will all see this though in a short eighteen days or so.

I guess I haven’t updated in a week or so. Basically I have been around doing things here and there. I stayed in Somerville this weekend to work on Christmas presents. Jen and I went to dinner at an Indian restaurant called Diva in Davis Square. It was phenomenal!! On Sunday I was at home most of the day looking at pictures and then decorating Christmas cookies with my roommate. It was a very relaxing and fantastic weekend. Tonight I have my second to last Spanish class followed by BoCaNO tomorrow, work holiday party on Friday, Sunday River on Saturday and then going to see Jen in the Nutcracker on Sunday with Auntie Babe. The calendar sure does fill up fast at this time of year.

Have a great day,