Now Tell Me the Tooth

You can probably guess from the subject what exciting development has occurred with Mr. Kaleb Arthur. Yep you are right his first teeth are starting to make there way to the surface of his gums. Jennifer noticed it on Saturday morning, we can’t really see anything yet, but it definitely feels different. Everything seems to be moving along so quickly.

It was a busy Friday, Kaleb and I spent the day around the house because my car was in the shop getting another new glove box. We did a little raking and then I let him run around on the deck in his walker. Once Jennifer was home we rushed around to get my car and then I got picked up by Kelly and Andy for a night in Bethel. We got up to Bethel around 8 and met Mark and Kate at Suds. After a yummy Suds pizza we went up to the mountain for the Entrain concert. Around midnight we left the show and went back to Mark and Kate’s to sleep. Kate woke me up nice and early and we went back towards Boston.

Once in Merrimac Kaleb, Jennifer and I piled into the car for a weekend at Nonna and Sir’s house. We had a great time as you will soon see from the photo album I uploaded. Today Jennifer’s family from New Jersey made the trip up for a yummy lunch of the world’s best pasta. It was a wonderful afternoon and the trip back was pretty good despite the pockets of traffic we ran into along the way.
Weekend in Connecticut

Kaleb: Day 257