Weekend Of Nothing. Ok Maybe I Did Something

Friday involved me not leaving my house until very late because I was tired and decided it was time I actually stayed in and did nothing. Actually while I was here I did make some cheese quesadillas, a dress rehearsals of sorts. They turned out okay. I then ventured to the movie theater to see “The Passion of the Christ”. Let’s just say I wasn’t that impressed and I didn’t cry. The story wasn’t much of a surprise since I knew Jesus was going to die. I was also given the impression that Jesus was a defying sarcastic ass. I don’t know how many times he could have gotten out of his situation, but he had to wise talk, first the Jews and then the Roman governor. I guess there is something to be said about standing up for your beliefs, but seriously just tell them what they want to hear and get on with your preaching. After that waste of ten dollars I went to Uno’s for a nice pizza dinner.

Saturday I woke up and did a little more nothing, before boring of that and going for a drive in the car. I went to Salem Willows and did some reading by the seashore. It was very relaxing and a nice way to spend the afternoon. I then drove around Cape Ann for a little scenery, it was very relaxing and nice to go for a drive. I found a new state park in Rockport which had a bunch of trails leading to a quarry and the ocean. It was my first time there and I was glad I found such a hidden gem. I took a bunch of pictures, but for some reason the Ofoto upload is not working. Oh well. After my little jaunt outside it was time for another movie. My intention was to see the sneak preview of 13 Going On 30, but it was sold out and I wen to see the Alamo. Another boring movie I knew the outcome too. I am so glad I wasted twenty dollars on two horrible movies.

For Easter I returned to the Bury to spend it with my fabulous family. I was able to wash my car and vaccuum the inside, it was the first time since before I hit the deer. It is so much nicer to drive now in a clean car. Travis stopped by and we eneded up going to the beach for some pizza. Up in Hampton we passed my dad on his motorcycle and pulled a quick U-Turn. He pulled over and we chatted a while. Easter dinner would soon be served at my mom’s so we rushed back just in time for the ham. We watched the Red Sox while we ate and they finally won the game on David Ortiz’z two run homer in the bottom of the twelfth inning. What a great family holiday afternoon? Somebody phone Norman Rockwell and line him up for a painting.

Oh yeah I saw an interesting show on MTV this weekend. They basically take to groups of popular girls, one of sophomores and the other of freshman. Each group chooses somebody in the others class to makeover with $500. They make them over and then the whole school decides who looks better. It was great, I guess it is only on for the MTV High School week, but they should add it to the MTV lineup. So very good.

Okay time for bed.