Best Mom Ever!!

Just so you all know your mom’s might be good, but unfortunately for you I have the best mom ever. You might ask why is my mom better than all of the rest of the moms? Well there are several reasons, but one big reason is that she drove in to Boston from Amesbury last night at nine o’clock just to give me a ride to Salem. The reason I couldn’t commute like I do every other night was because of the Charlestown acid spill which interrupted most commutes north of the city. Thanks again mom.

Okay now on to the movie review. Last night’s BoCaNO was a movie night. We saw “The Girl Next Door”. The movie was good and had many clever twists and turns which were hard to predict and in my history of movie watching that is a good thing. It also didn’t hurt to have porn stars in almost every scene. Okay now obviously I wouldn’t end this without some sort of criticism I mean it had to have something wrong with it since its a teenager movie. My big problem with the movie was how quickly it jumped from one scene/situation to the next. It all seemed very rushed, one example was how within two days of meeting Danielle, Matthew was already completely in love and made a big speech to her about how much he liked her. By this time she had already decided to go back to porn, after just having one high school kid foolishly treat her like a porn star. Another example was when Kelly became friends with Matthew and picked him up at school. It seemed like a friendship or some odd relationship was starting and then the next day he is off to Las Vegas for the Adult Video Convention. The story just seemed to move along without enough inter-character development. Overall though I would give the movie a B rating. Check it out.