Poop in my pants I did

While looking through some of the photos today we noticed a slight resemblance between Kaleb and Yoda. Kaleb recently lost some of his hair and the hair that remains on the top is relatively sparse and coarse, just like Yoda. He also has ears that are a bit pointy like Yoda and his cradle cap also looks a lot like the top of Yoda’s head. I suppose you should judge for yourself though.

Today was another milestone of sorts, when Kaleb became the Lord of the Rings. Jennifer bought him some rings (links) to play with and yesterday he kind of grabbed on to them, but today he not only grabbed on, but flung them around a little bit. It is the first time he has ever held on to something and tossed it back and forth. He almost moved it towards his mouth, but stopped at the last minute. Here is some video of that for you to see.