I Did It

Here’s the setlist:
Ants Marching
Grey Street
Jimi Thing
Song That Jane Likes
Sleep To Dream Her –>
Where Are You Going
Tripping Billies

It speaks for itself, but I need to say this was an amazing show, definitely a top 10 for me. Starting with Ants was just sick. We basically kept waiting for the show to slow down, but they weren’t having any of that. Our seats weren’t bad and the binoculars certainly came in handy at some points especially between songs when I would attempt to predict the song before they even started playing. I have become very good at calling songs in zero notes, Mark seemed quite surprised by my abilities and the cues I use to call the songs. You have to pay attention to the guitar he is using, the subtle notes which are played before the songs, Leroi’s sax selection, Stefan’s bass and accessories, Boyd’s Wawa pedal and a little bit of pure luck. I was on fire with the picks last night my favorite was the last second Jimi Thing call, my cue was Dave’s finger placement on his guitar. In the middle of the song he came out with a crazy skat jam that lasted what seemed like forever, he was so into it and the crowd loved it. Watchtower was intense and a perfect way to close the show. Stefan’s bass intro was cool and he even played the riff from the White Stripe’s song Seven Nation Army. I can’t wait to get a copy of this show, it will never leave my CD player.

After the show we (Amy, Sue, Mark and I) hung out in the parking lot and I played my guitar for a little while. Yes I was that guy who brings his guitar to the concert and plays it in the parking lot, but I don’t care it was fun. I could play that thing for hours on end without getting bored. We actually all pitched in $7.50 a piece to park in the Premier Parking which was so much better then the ghetto back lots. It actually had pavement, parking spaces and lights, we were able to get out in less than an hour or nearly half the wait of the prior night. I was exhausted so instead of driving dangerously back to Salem I slept at Mark’s house and enjoyed a good six or seven hours of sleep. Overall an amazing night, hooray!!! Next stop Central Park, New York, New York on September 24th for what should turn out to be the largest Dave Matthews Band concert ever. They are giving out free tickets through the fan club and will also be selling them to the public. They expect over 100,000 people, I bet the crowd will top 250,000. I can’t wait.