Homemade Deep Dish Pizza Trials and Tribulations

A friend of mine posted some pictures on Instagram of an amazing looking deep dish pizza she made and I immediately knew I had to try it so I asked for the recipe. She sent me Giordano’s Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza recipe.

Eventually I gathered all of the ingredients and started by making the dough. The hardest part was remembering to make it the day before I wanted to actually have the pizza because it takes 1 to 2 days for the dough to rise. On the day I was going to have the pizza I made the sauce in the early afternoon so it would have a chance to cool and that was super simple too.

Finally construction of the actual pizza began one evening, I flattened out the dough and carefully laid it in the pan. Next I grabbed the special mozzarella cheese so I could freshly shred it, I wasn’t sure what to kind of cheese to get, but they insisted I don’t use the pre-shredded stuff because it won’t melt properly. The layer of dough went on next followed by the sauce and I popped it in the oven. I had a little bit of dough left over and made a miniature version in a muffin pan, which I baked for half as long and was able to get a preview of the main course.

After 40 minutes of patiently waiting I took the pizza out of the oven and tried to pop it out onto a cutting board when I was splashed with a ton of hot water. It turns out the cheese I used was too wet and just created a pool of water in the bottom of the pie, which made for a soggy crust. I poured a bunch of the water out into the sink and ate it, but while it was good it just did’t taste right.

Last night I made this pizza again, except I used pre-shredded cheese and this time it turned out perfectly. The cheese melted nicely and the crust stayed dry and crusty. It also received broad approval from the family so I think I will definitely be making this again soon.