8 Weeks

Kaleb: Day 57

Yep, Kaleb is now eight weeks old, its hard to believe he has been home almost twice as long as he was in the hospital, time surely does fly. Things continue to go well in the Sands household, luckily it was a bit warmer today, so we were able to go for a really long walk this afternoon and then again in the evening. Unfortunately the forecast doesn’t look so good for the next few days, so its going to be another week of staying put in the house for us. Its been really hard to have this cold and damp weather, because I think if Jennifer has to spend another week confined to the inside of our apartment she might just go crazy. I am lucky enough to work so I can go somewhere, but she is stuck here. Kaleb doesn’t seem to mind either way since he mostly just sleeps when we go out anyway. Tonight after coming back from a nice dinner of crepes with Hannah and Jane, we gave Kaleb a bath and it was a success. He barely cried and pretty much just acted chill throughout the entire ordeal. I am convinced that the crying before was caused by the water being too hot. Its really hard to get the water temperature just right, because you are accustomed to one temperature, but the baby needs it much cooler, but if it is too cool that isn’t good either. We have a rubber ducky that has a temperature thing on the bottom and if it is too hot the word hot appears, I have used this religiously lately to gauge the ideal temperature.

Last night we moved Kaleb’s co-sleeper from our bed to the bassinet and slept just fine. It is really nice to have the entire bed for just the two of us again, don’t get me wrong it was nice to have him close, but the bed just wasn’t meant for three people. We are still far from having him stay in his crib, because it is just too far away from our bedroom. What else, oh yeah, his eyesight seems to be improving and he can now follow an object that is moved from one side to the other. He has also been focusing (well at least it seems so) on one of his mobiles. It is so cool to see him grow up and slowly learn new things, I am sure this will only ramp up in the future as he becomes more aware of the world around him and can better react to other humans. We’ll see, I’m sure.

We don’t have much planned for the next few days, although I have set aside time tomorrow for the following: editing of home movies, Super Paper Mario playing, a little work, and possibly a new podcast episode. I have learned a lot about the mac, but haven’t really had a chance to sit down with the iMovie or Garage Band applications to do some really fun things. I can’t wait to get completely lost in my own creativity, it should be great.

Until next time, try to stay dry.