My Camera Needs Rest

Wine Tasting Party in Wollaston

Pictures in Gloucester Harbor and dessert at Finale

Freeport shopping spree and Portsmouth chilling with collage kids

So you can see it was a BUSY photographing weekend. Hanging out with everybody was great. I was even able to get some time to myself and did some reading of the book Urban Tribes. It is a great book and basically talks about what seems to be OUR LIVES. Nobody getting married just a bunch of friends who hang out do fun things and support each other. So far it is one of the best nonfiction books I have read in a long time.

I saw this thing on MTV called the Chocolate Factory. It is basically a big cauldron for melting chocolate to use in various desserts. I love chocolate as much or more then the next person, but who is buying this thing. Not only do you have to find a place to keep this giant thing, but who can use that much chocolate. It holds about a half gallon of melted chocolate, I could see dipping a couple stawberries, but what do you do with the chocolate after your done. Just seems like a waste. Check it out for yourself, Original Chocolate Factory

One more thing… Last night I was at Barnes & Noble with Britt, Vanessa, Andy, Nissa and Ryan. Vanessa and I were randomly bouncing about the store from Magic Eye books to kids joke books to children’s books and finally into the music department. We looked over to see the other four all lined up at the listening stations. At first we just kept looking at CD’s but eventually moved over to sit next to them. Now picture six of us sitting next to each other all with headphones on, it was very classic. Of course Ryan then came up with a game we could play. The rules were that everybody starts with a certain artist and we attempt to get to a different artist using the Similar Choices option for each artist. For example our first try was to get from Hillary Duff to Nirvana. We all loaded Hillary Duff into our kiosks and then began the race. It is a very difficult game, because you first have to get out of the genre into a middle ground genre and move towards the music type of the destination band. We played about four rounds before the store closed. It was so much fun.