Great weekend, but where is Spring?!?!

Jennifer and I had a fantastic weekend, despite the chilly temps. On Friday night we went to the Paradise Lounge to check out a live show of Jeff Tuohy (the DJ for our wedding) and Percy Hill. We did the long T ride over there and had an okay dinner at the lounge and a couple hours later the show started. Right before the show started, Pants and Britt showed up and stayed for quite a while before jetting to another happening club. We finally got back to Somerville around one in the morning and went right to sleep.

The next morning we woke up too early, which left me tired for most of the day. Most of the day was spent indoors since it was cloudy and cold outside. Eventually we did venture out and walked to Whole Foods, I couldn’t believe how cold it was so late in March. Saturday night was a lot more low key than Friday night.

Yesterday we were up relatively early and the sun was actually shining on Somerville. We strolled down to the cafe and ate our typical Sunday morning breakfast. Upon returning home we set out on a mission to clean up the house and let me just say “Mission Accomplished”. It was intense cleaning, I moved furniture around, removed things from shelves and polished every wood surface. We did a little furniture movement and put the dining room table into the entry way in anticipation of buying a new table later in the day. Unfortunately when we got to the store the table was a little to big to fit in my car and now we have a dining room with four chairs, but no table. So now I have to figure out how to get a 7ft by 3 ½ foot, 150 pound table from Everett to Somerville.

Now the week is beginning and I have a big project I need to work on, can’t wait to get started.