Craziness Continues

Ever since returning from vacation we have been non-stop busy. Jennifer has been working hard packing and I have spent more than my share of time driving back and forth between Somerville and Amesbury. As of this afternoon we have about 90% of our stuff moved up to my mom’s garage. Its been a lot of work, and we will hopefully reap the benefits of it once we move in and don’t have to drive back down here for anything.

Of course this process hasn’t been without a snag. Today we went up to Merrimac and everything went very well and then we got a call from our mortgage broker. Apparently the banks are now doing a lot of last minute double checking on people and decided to call Jennifer’s employer today to make sure she is actually working there. They weren’t able to reach anybody so they put a hold on our closing. Now we have to move the closing back to one, which is going to cause trouble for the seller because she needs to close on her new place at eleven. It basically a big mess, but should hopefully all be resolved by 2PM tomorrow. We will then start driving back and forth from my mom’s to the new place. It is sure to be a long day, but in the end we should be officially moved up to the quiet suburbs.

I’ll keep you posted once we are all settled.