The latest

Okay, I am still keeping track of the forecast for Thursday and Friday, it appears they have done some more fine tuning.
Thursday June, 19 - A few thunderstorms possible. Highs in the mid 70s and lows in the upper 50s.
Friday June 20 - Partial sunshine. Highs in the low 70s and lows in the upper 50s.

They just can’t get it straight.

I had to laugh today while running on the treadmill at the gym. I see people come in all the time to evaluate whether they want to sign up for our gym. It is just funny the way they walk around and inspect things like it makes a difference. I often wonder if they are checking on the people working out and saying, they seem normal and look like they are getting fit, maybe we should go here. Just a thought.

Last night I went to Stars, a bar across the street from Northeastern University. It was pretty cool inside except they only serve beer and wine, which would be fine if they actually had a variety. The two bartenders there to serve the fifty foot long bar were just not enough and they always had a varying list of four available drinks. At one point I stood there for at least fifteen minutes just waiting to be served. Time to hire some new staff I think and order a little better.