Again? You betcha!

I just had to post an entry today because I am very happy today. Last night we went to the Wine Tasting class in Boston and it was so much fun. We learned all about white wines last night and it was really cool to learn the differences between each variety of grape. We had two Chardonnays one that was stored in oak barrels and one that wasn’t, the smells were very different. I really enjoyed the Riesling wine from Germany, nice and sweet without too much bite. I can’t wait for next week’s class on red wine.

Afterwards we were walking through the Public Garden in the snow and decided to go get dinner at Parish Cafe. I always have a hard time finding something I will like, but last night it was easy. I ended up with a pasta dish with tomatoes and a ham like meat in a pesto basil sauce. It was amazing!!! I think that is the best Tuesday night I have had in a while.