Creativity Drought

Over the last couple years I have spent a lot of spare time working on various creative projects including this blog, setting up and hosting my own website, drone videos, and the Kilobyte podcast. They each managed to challenge me in different ways, whether it was finding the right equipment for podcast recording, learning about setting up a Linux server, or understanding how to build and pilot a quadcopter. It was also difficult trying to find enough time in my schedule to work on each thing in a meaningful way. Somehow I managed to find the time and was quite happy with my first pass at all of it.

Going into this year I hoped to adopt a yearly theme as was discussed on Cortex #62: 2018 Yearly Themes. The basic idea is to find a theme for the year (or season) and use it as a guide for decisions throughout the year rather than setting a bunch of goals for the year you are likely to break. I spent several days thinking about the past year, what I had accomplished and the direction I wanted to head for the upcoming year. It was really important that I build on the previous year’s learning, but step it up in some way. Initially I was leaning towards creating content more consistently, but I think before that I need to make it easier for me to actually create and post the content.

I was getting close, but just as I started to narrow down on a theme something happened and I got distracted. It is hard to say for sure what happened, but my creative output went down to zero. Thankfully I have recognized it and have started down the road to correcting course. Here is my first step in creating more content again with hopefully more to come soon.

Master of My Domain

Over the last few months I have been starting to spend a little more time blogging and have also been thinking about creating a short podcast.  It was easy to host the blog on blogger, but when it comes to serving up the podcast, I want to have a consistent location for the RSS feed.  Initially I will probably just host the podcast on Dropbox, but at some point might have to be moved to my own space, so keeping a consistent URL will make life easier.  The simple answer to this was to buy my own domain like a grown up and luckily I had heard a lot about Hover over the last six months while listening to podcasts.  So after a couple issues getting it set up because I put the state into the zip code field I was able to register  At this point I have only hooked up this blog and the TAP Softball site, but will hopefully start working on the main page in the next couple weeks.  You can also expect episode 0 of a podcast to be released too.  Stay tuned!!